Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

There is a growing humanitarian crisis in America precipitated by Donald Trump and his regime of hardline nationalistic xenophobes — most of whom have little or no experience in public policy and have spent their self-satisfying existences trying to get rich in one manner or another. As Trump returns from yet another excursion in what … Continue reading Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

In the grand scheme of global weaponry, while nuclear and chemical weapons are thought of as the greatest evil, none is more despicable than the use of children as tools for leverage, combat, negotiations, or punishment. Despite the unethical and atrocious nature of weaponizing children, it is a daily occurrence internationally and domestically. As every … Continue reading Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

The Daily Dog: Fuck the GOP

Congressional republicans were so busy celebrating their American tax scam on Wednesday afternoon that they had no time to talk about children…sick children without health care coverage. While America’s ultra-rich are basking in the benefits of the GOP and Donald Trump’s latest plutocratic takeover of the country, those with the most need will be left … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Fuck the GOP

The Sunday Dog: Suffer the Little Children

When I was 11-years-old, my elementary school sponsored a fieldtrip to Washington, D.C. as an educational civics lesson. The trip included tickets to Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, a tour of the White House, and the possibility of meeting The Gipper himself. Most of my friends announced immediately that they would be making the trip from California … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: Suffer the Little Children

The Daily Dog: Deep in the Heartless Texas

Last week, Texas became the latest devotee of the Trump administration’s fascist agenda of hate and discrimination. On Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott officially sanctioned widespread gender, religious, and racial discrimination by signing Texas HB 3859 into law. The bill is just one of many attempts by Texas lawmakers to legalize bigotry during the current legislative … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Deep in the Heartless Texas