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The face of law is changing. Each year, an increasing number of Americans interact with the legal system — often in ways beyond their control. Even in desperate times, however, they are consumers that are more educated than ever.

The average legal consumer wants to retain an attorney who:

  • Represents them vigorously and without conflict
  • Provides value for their money
  • Displays exceptional knowledge and explains the law
  • Has long-standing connections to the local community

Ensure that potential clients choose your firm. Highlight your practice’s winning qualities with marketing content and web pages that reach consumers with positive and effective messaging.


Information Overload

Today’s hyper-connected environment bombards legal consumers with information. A potential client may look for answers to legal questions long before consulting a knowledgeable local attorney. Some possible sources include:

  • Self-sought advice via Google searches
  • Solicited answers on sites like Avvo
  • Talking media heads and morning-show analysts
  • Flashy high-pressure class-action ads

Whether it’s a civil matter or a criminal-law question, local attorneys face the difficult task of cutting through irrelevant hype and misinformation. Don’t wait for a face-to-face consultation to get to the facts of a new client’s case. Begin winning their trust and business with honest direct content.


Reach Potential Clients

Call on the Idea Dogs and Legal Beagles for legal marketing solutions that make sense. Our basic legal package includes the tools you and your firm need to make an impact. We cater to smaller practices that may not have the staffing to maintain larger marketing and IT departments.

The basic design and maintenance package includes:

  • Home page with a unique two-year dedicated .com domain name
  • Monthly maintenance including 2 blog updates each month
  • Static profile pages for 2 attorneys
  • One additional static page featuring information of your choice
  • Contact form, Google map, and office hours

Each page is customizable with additional content, practice area specialties, profiles for additional legal staff, or local information. Contact the Dogs today to learn about additional services and packages.

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