Legal Marketing

Lawyers Need Help, Too

The Idea Dogs understand how busy an attorney can be — especially in smaller practices where a lawyer may wear many hats out of court. From appearances to client meetings and brief writing to business details, scores of tasks erode the most meticulously planned schedules.

Attracts Clients with Targeted Legal Marketing

Whether you are a criminal defense attorney, an injury specialist, or an accident liability practice, the Dogs know the value of legal marketing. In today’s fast-paced business environment, potential clients search with smart phones and turn to Google for instant results. Reaching consumers has never been so competitive.

At the end of the day, when you and your staff are out of time for marketing, blogs, and web design, rely on the Idea Dogs to create and maintain your practice’s online presence. We know the legal marketing language and format that will convert virtual searches to real clients.

Legal Marketing Makes Strong Impressions

Stop wasting time with mobile-unfriendly one-page websites that take hours to change or update. Put your practice’s experience, results, and prominent cases on display. Make your legal marketing count so you can focus on the most critical aspect of your practice…your valued clients.

A Lawyer’s Best Friend is an Idea Dog

Regardless of your area of practice, location, or size, contact the Idea Dogs and Legal Beagles to develop everything from custom domains to relevant bi-weekly blogs.

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