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At Idea Dogs, we live and breathe the pack mentality…and the pack includes everybody from the privileged to the disadvantaged. We believe that contributing to society is a key responsibility of any business or organization. However, the most valuable contributions often come from speaking for the Underdogs.

The law watches society, but the Legal Beagles make it a practice to watch the law. Too many people believe the law is what they see and hear on television or the movies — or worse, from the mouths of Nancy Graces, Fox News, or “Law and Order” characters.

Admittedly, the law is not perfect. It is constantly changing, evolving and growing to meet new challenges and demands. The Legal Beagles, and every citizen under the law, have a responsibility to monitor and comment on legal enactments, decision, and opinions. Without Watchdogs, the law’s leashes become nooses.


In addition to our personal interests and appreciations for the law, the Legal Beagles staff has:

  • Written legal blogs and cases synopses for international law firms from London to Washington, D.C. and Toronto to Alabama
  • Developed SEO oriented web pages for statewide and local law firms from coast to coast
  • Written legal analysis and commentary
  • Submitted briefs in support of litigants and defendants as high as the Supreme Court of the United States


We live in a nation that incarcerates more men, women, and children than any other nation, with a legal system that is not affordable for most Americans. We understand that the fair administration of the law is out of reach for average families.

Everyone strives to attain the law…

-Franz Kafka

At Idea Dogs, we are passionate about the law. Legal decisions have long-reaching ripple effects. A precedent-setting case in Oregon might someday affect a litigant or defendant in Virginia.

Too many families, children especially, are experiencing life without a loved one because of harsh mandatory minimum statutes, draconian sentencing laws, and a criminal justice system that relies on leveraged guilty pleas that make mockery of Constitutional rights.


In addition, we strive to speak up for the rights of men, women, and children ensnared by sometimes-unfair laws. Key issues we focus on include:

  • Parents’ rights against government intrusion
  • Fathers’ rights
  • Veterans’ needs and rights
  • Mental health awareness
  • Prisoners’ rights
  • Anti-death penalty, anti-LWOP, and juvenile justice

We also support the decriminalization of marijuana and less bureaucratic control of our daily lives.

The Legal Beagles dig up and discuss the criminal and civil cases that don’t always make the headlines and try to make sense of some of the ones that do end up on the front page. Sometimes we even sniff out proposed laws in hopes that saying something about them now will prevent them from being a headline in the future.


In addition to legal analysis, the Legal Beagles sometimes provide research and assistance — either for a fee or on a pro se basis for a Dog in need. We have attacked a variety of legal disputes, from civil complaints to criminal cases on behalf of Underdog litigants and defendants who were unable to afford attorneys. We are not lawyers and have no licenses to practice law, but we have made an impact when asked to help.

DID YOU KNOW? In America in 2019, the same numbers of working adults have criminal records as college degrees.

From letter-writing campaigns to filing briefs in state and federal courts, the Legal Beagles staff knows how to raise awareness and provide needed assistance. We may not be attorneys, but we are diligent advocates who get results.

Disclaimer: Neither the Idea Dogs, nor Legal Beagles, are practicing attorneys. Our blogs are not legal advice and the opinions expressed herein are for informational purposes only. If you have a legal issue, you should seek out the advice of several attorneys and take appropriate action in the jurisdiction having authority of your person or claim. We do conduct legal research and compose memorandums and briefs when hired to do so. Whether you are a small firm in need of case analysis and supporting research or an individual without funds for a qualified attorney, contact us to see if we can help.

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