Dog Tales

Every Dog has a story to tell and our Dogs have been busy! We’re working on getting some of these titles to the Amazon Kindle Store and your local brick-and-mortar bookshops.

The LandWalker Chronicles: Learning to Swim (Y.A. Fantasy 850pp)

The LandWalker Chronicles

For Lori Mason, turning sixteen is not sweet. Orphaned at birth, searching for a father, and questioning the mysterious death of her birth mother, life in tiny Raven’s Cove is difficult enough for Lori. Then she discovers she is a mermaid…and not a nice fairy tale one. Her transformation abruptly ends a budding romance with her crush and exposes the evil that has been lurking in Lake Champlain. Lori boldly dives into a new world to find elusive answers and decide whether to remain a LandWalker.


With a few exceptions, Lori Mason is a typical high-school girl. She has a long-time BFF to make trouble with. She plays soccer for her school’s team. And, like every other girl in Raven’s Cove, she has a crush on the hottest boy in town. Then, there are things that set her apart from her peers. Lori’s mother died the night she was born. She does not know who her father is. She is afraid of the water…(read more)

Curious about the story? READ CHAPTER 1 to see how Lori’s adventure begins.

The Perfect Monster: How the Criminal Justice System Creates Modern Frankensteins (non-fiction in progress)


With politicians and the popular media constantly leveraging crime to terrify the public, the criminal justice system is in crisis. False convictions in the United States are growing to epic proportions and plague the integrity of every verdict. The use of high-pressure plea bargains to gain convictions further deteriorates the accuracy and fairness of the system.

This in-depth investigative work takes a look at a variety of cases. The author examines and exposes errors that are swept under courtroom rugs across America in the name of winning for justice.

More Americans are imprisoned per capita than in any other nation on earth. This should be a warning to every man, woman, and child that something is wrong. When completed in 2018, this work of investigative journalism will be a must read, both for every reader with a family member serving time or under some form of government supervision and the unsuspecting innocent.

Sass (Middle-school fiction in progress)

Think you had the sibling from hell when you were growing up? No brother or sister — younger or older — can hold a candle to Sass. And living in his shadow is ten times more difficult than living with him. This is what happens when the normal family next door meets the paranormal urban legend.


Aerin Bergheart




All my friends complain about something or other that some sibling has done to them at one time or another. They all whine and wish they were only children. I get sick of it. When it comes down to it, all their crying is over nothing, because if you want to know the truth, my brother is the biggest pain in the ass ever.



Told from the perspective of a younger middle school sibling, Sass’s story is one that everyone has heard, but no one believes. It will leave every kid thankful for the crying baby in the next room, or the older sister who will not give up the bathroom.