Back with a Vengeance

On Friday evening, Mr. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) a democratic member of the house of representatives* posted a message on Twitter. He was responding, as much of the nation did, to the firing of F.B.I. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — but likely more so to Donald Trump’s taunting tweets congratulating himself on McCabe’s removal. While … Continue reading Back with a Vengeance

The Daily Dog: Shut Him Down

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he would “love to see a shutdown” of the federal government. It is the first time in Washington politics that the idea of a federal shutdown has been weaponized, but it’s not the first time that Donald Trump has shut down people’s livelihoods and existence...There’s Trump’s shuttered casinos, failed real … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Shut Him Down

The Daily Dog: WTF!

If Friday was black, Monday was blacker for the Trump regime as inane and self-aggrandizing policymaking began clogging the swamp’s drainpipe. The federal government is beginning to appear more like a three-branch circus than an established democratic institution. At the center of the debacle is a greedy little pig leading the elephants off the high … Continue reading The Daily Dog: WTF!

The Sunday Dog: The Boss Who Wanted to Lead

In 2015, Forbes ran an interesting article. It was called “5 Signs You’re Not Ready to Lead.” Apparently self-proclaimed genius and leader extraordinaire Donald Trump missed that issue of Forbes. It is understandable considering Trump likely waits — lather mouthed and sweaty palmed — by the mailbox for just one specific issue of Forbes each … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: The Boss Who Wanted to Lead