A Beacon of Hope…

Yesterday, the municipal comptroller of the nation’s largest city made a bold announcement. During a news conference — with the Statue of Liberty struggling to stay proud and relevant as a background photo op — New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer unveiled a proposal to waive the $725 federal naturalization fee. The humanitarian plan will... Continue Reading →

Finding Sanctuary in Greatness

On Tuesday, a United States District Court Judge in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction against another of President Trump’s recent executive orders. This time, the court struck down portions of a Jan. 25 Trump order that would deny federal funding to those municipalities considered “sanctuary cities.” At least four states and scores of counties... Continue Reading →

They Held Rallies for the Führer, Too

Another rally? Perhaps that could have been the cynical response in Nuremberg, Germany between 1923 and 1938. During a 15-year period, the Nazi Party typically held an annual rally as a show of force and power. The events stirred citizens into a frenzy of support for a narcissistic leader who was never able to win... Continue Reading →

A Race not Worth Winning

A Race Not Worth Winning As April 30 approaches, a batch of vials on a shelf somewhere deep in the dirty bowels of the Arkansas Department of Correction anxiously await their expiration date. Not too far away, seven men — equally anxious — hope that the vials of intravenous midazolam expire before they do themselves.... Continue Reading →

Driving Miss Google

I was driving across Connecticut this week for work, and following Google Maps, when I suddenly realized that I was somewhere I had never been in my tiny state. As I gawked at gorgeous homes and landscapes, it dawned on me how the advent of GPS driven technologies has changed our boldness behind the wheel.... Continue Reading →

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