The Sunday Dog: Level the Playing Field

In the convoluted and verbose rules of government, the Food and Drug Administration is has accumulated entire repositories of research, regulations, and advisories intended to keep American consumers safe. Most FDA information is available as public documents included in the Code of Federal Regulations and various acts and legislative enactments concerning the agency. Included in … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: Level the Playing Field

The Daily Dog: DNR for GOP Trumpcare Bill

In an appropriate twist of irony for the Trump regime, at roughly the same time Trump was tweeting about his successful day the White House Monday and boasting about his healthcare bill being passed, Trumpcare was dying on the table. Two more senators defected on Mitch McConnell’s bill to strip millions of Americans of their … Continue reading The Daily Dog: DNR for GOP Trumpcare Bill

#Covfefe Solved!

On Monday, the White House claimed that it was “utterly ridiculous” for anyone to infer that President Trump attacked London’s mayor because the mayor is Muslim. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders was too quick to respond when asked about Trump’s tweets criticizing Mayor Sadiq Kahn. The knee-jerk denial was strong enough to kick … Continue reading #Covfefe Solved!

Mythical Gryphon Slays Trump

On Wednesday morning, it was evident that America’s Tweeter in Chief was off his meds again. Following a convoluted drunk-text shortly after midnight that resulted in the “#covfefe” intrigue, Trump went on an early morning rant against comedian Kathy Griffin. Earlier, Griffin had posted a tweet in which she held an effigy of a wigged … Continue reading Mythical Gryphon Slays Trump

The Spewer in Chief

Not since George H.W. Bush’s infamous trip to Japan 25 years ago has a U.S. President made such a poor impression with America’s overseas allies. When Bush vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa in January 1992, the press reported the incident as one of the most embarrassing moments in U.S.-foreign diplomacy. Many thought Bush … Continue reading The Spewer in Chief