Mythical Gryphon Slays Trump

On Wednesday morning, it was evident that America’s Tweeter in Chief was off his meds again. Following a convoluted drunk-text shortly after midnight that resulted in the “#covfefe” intrigue, Trump went on an early morning rant against comedian Kathy Griffin. Earlier, Griffin had posted a tweet in which she held an effigy of a wigged... Continue Reading →

The Spewer in Chief

Not since George H.W. Bush’s infamous trip to Japan 25 years ago has a U.S. President made such a poor impression with America’s overseas allies. When Bush vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa in January 1992, the press reported the incident as one of the most embarrassing moments in U.S.-foreign diplomacy. Many thought Bush... Continue Reading →

Family Feud

Since taking office, President Trump has launched vicious attacks on the media and the fundamental constitutional right of a free press. He has called the media an enemy of the people. This week’s events, however, have proven the value of the free press as part of the effective political checks and balances machine that America’s... Continue Reading →

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