The Daily Dog: Trump Declares Moral Bankruptcy

Donald Trump is a morally bankrupt dysfunctional ignorant narcissistic racist.

We have been saying this for months in one way or another. We hear it on the streets, in restaurants, and among family and friends. The media has been building toward the “Full Monty” on Trump, but there is still a bit of a delicate dance between the press and the White House. However, we are not the ones — the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers — who need to say what is wrong with Trump.


08162017 ClashFollowing the Charlottesville white nationalist riots, Trump’s critics demanded he condemn — by name — the neo-Nazis, supremacists, KKK, and other hate groups responsible for the weekend’s violence. Now, the time has come for Washington politicians of every race, religion, sex, affiliation, persuasion, and slant to do what they demanded of Trump: Name the evil.


An overwhelming majority of America knows that racism is immoral, and that white nationalism does not represent the accepted principles and mores of our country. We do not need to be told that hate groups’ anti-American sentiments are “condemned” or “not tolerated.” We denounce them with our protests; by not joining gangs who don hoods and carry torches; and by how we treat our neighbors — without a thought of skin color or ignorant prejudices.

With the exception of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and a few other soulless GOPers who cannot be salvaged from the wreckage of the S.S. Trump, America wants and demands that its representative leaders denounce by name, Donald Trump. Stop condemning the generalities and condemn the general. Trump is not going to change his ignorant and racists views and beliefs because of your patience.

Trump did not goosestep down Main Street this weekend, but his comments Tuesday demonstrate that, in mind and spirit, he marched proudly in Charlottesville on Saturday. While Trump has maintained he is not taking sides in the nationalist question and scandal, his self-professed inaction is a corrupt and sickening confirmation of hate. A leader who cannot take a side, is a leader who lacks the personal conviction and courage necessary to the position. Trump has demonstrated himself ineffective and impotent, not only because of his lack of morality, but because he walks the fence like a terrified cat avoiding the dogs.


08162017 TrumpHands
Trump cannot wash his hands of his racist tendencies. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images.


In addition to his wavering and weakness, in each instance of error, Trump defends himself by attacking our nation’s core principles and founders. Tuesday afternoon was no exception as he derided the press and equated the Founding Fathers to Confederate traitors and Civil War criminals. There can no longer be a moment of hesitation from either democrats or republicans that Trump is unfit for office. The rest of the world is watching, and speaking what America’s leaders should be saying.

Trump accused “alt-left” activists and protesters of trying to rewrite history for supporting the removal of Confederate era artifacts from public places. As the alleged leader of a free democracy, Trump should know that Americans are not trying to rewrite history. They are attempting to right the wrongs done in the past, and if he had a moral compass, he would recognize the importance of that task. To see history rewritten, and wrongs likewise righted, Trump need only wait for the day he is impeached.

We will say it again for the leaders who are still uncertain: Donald Trump is a dysfunctional ignorant narcissistic racist. He is not fit to lead America and 535 more voices must join the 260 million already saying so.

The Daily Dog: The Insulter In Chief

It is becoming exhausting every night to listen to the evening punditry about Donald Trump attacking the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and his own staff. The mental and emotional drain comes from more than just the constant barrage of his idiocy, but that Trump’s war is not with the 535 members of Congress. He is waging a daily conflict against common Americans.

There are 325 million of us. Even with the minority who voted for him, the rest of America should be able to beat him by sending a clear message. Trump, however, seems as deaf as he is dumb.

Loco Trump 06292017
Trump knows so much, he told the neurologist where to begin the lobotomy.

Though Trump may not send out tweets directly to Melissa in accounting, or Steve at the corner deli, his constant trolling of the nation’s leadership is a form of personal attack on every voter. By implying that legislators do his bidding, and not act on the will of the nation’s people, Trump is sending each of us a very clear message: You don’t count and I don’t care.

On Thursday, Trump demonstrated his theme du jour with a Twitter bombardment of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-S.C.). By mid-morning, Trump was goading and ordering McConnell to, “get back to work and put Repeal & Replace…Bill [sic] on my desk.”

By asking for a bill that has already failed several times, Trump does not seem to comprehend that the House and Senate are not his personal legislating puppets — like he is to Vladimir Putin. Congress is not a body that bends to the will of the president, but to the will of the people. Trump’s ongoing focus and demand for a new health care bill is one example of how his personal wants insult the nation’s collective needs.

Over the past two months, millions of Americans — those dependent on Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, or other health care subsidies and plans — telephoned, wrote, emailed, and appeared in person to demand that Congress not repeal or replace the present system. Amazingly, representatives and senators listened and the bills failed.

Despite the calls, protests, and personal testimonies, Trump continues to bolster his front line against the American public by pushing the health care issue, repeatedly. Whether he is impeached this year or next, or survives another 40 months, Trump will leave office like a broken record repeating the same useless demands, complaints, and false statistics.

Trump’s battering of common Americans is only partly accomplished through his daily Twitter rants. The additional insult arrives whenever he opens his mouth, as he did Thursday afternoon. During a rambling press conference, Trump fielded questions on everything from his transgender military ban, to escalating tensions in North Korea.

Listening to Trump is enough to raise any intelligent person’s blood pressure a dozen points. It is not what he says, but that he does not say anything — and how he does it — that is infuriating. Trump speaks to America in circles and in childish statements that sometimes sound like an elementary school verb conjugation lesson.

In one exchange Thursday, Trump used the verb “to look” four times in less than a minute in one long run-on thought. He looked, was looking, will be looking, and looks at the North Korea situation. That is all he does. He looks at it. A majority of Trump’s other responses follow a similar pattern where he draws attention with one repeated verb, but describes no real action.

When the country is on the brink of a nuclear war, the American people deserve a little more substantive answers than a lesson in the use of “to look.”

The level of insult to anyone with at least a high-school education listening to a Trump speech is painfully appalling. Trump has been speaking his low English to Americans since day one of his campaign. Everyday family members and friends are merely the “little people” that Trump looks down on and imagines are so stupid that he must make decisions for them.

It does not work like that Donald. Americans are not stupid, and we do not want someone forcing their choices on us like we are ignorant children. We want leadership that demonstrates education, tact, and grace under pressure. If you want to control someone to make yourself feel better, or pretend you are some kind of modern deity, go “look” in the mirror. There, you will find an audience in desperate need of control and eager to worship you.

The Daily Dog: The Clumsy Dictator

Some parents write fake excuses for their kids when they skip school. Others tweak a book report or science project. The nation learned yesterday that Donald Trump takes the extra step as a parent. He helps his kids write false and misleading statements for the most widespread criminal investigation ever of a White House occupant and his family.

Unfortunately for Trump, his literary endeavors on little Donnie’s behalf will likely earn him more trouble than a plagiarized book report would bring. In the scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing criminal investigation of Trump, dad may have just proven the government’s case. In doing so, Trump is less of a literary genius and more the bank robber who slides the teller his demands written on the back of his own personal check.

08022017 WaPo
The Washington Post dealt Trump another card he couldn’t use to build his next tower.

While authorities pore over the evidence to ascertain the gravity of Trump’s crimes, it is time for the American public to ask themselves serious questions about their leadership. The choices facing the country are not enviable. We have arrived at the point in this electoral farce and administrative debacle where no one is proud to say our leader is either a clownish liar or an inept criminal. In the reality television show broadcasting live to the nation, there is no box to check for “other.”

Trump is not only bad at parenting and writing his kids’ excuses; he is simply bad at, well, everything having to do with politics. Generally, being bad at these kinds of things is not a seriously relevant offense. However, when you occupy the White House and write what may be perjurious notes used as evidence in your own impeachment, you have a problem and so does America.

Beyond his criminal activity, Trump’s hastily scribbled excuse note for Don, Jr. demonstrates that in Trump’s grand scheme of leadership, there is absolutely no plan. It validates the chaotic tweets, White House resignations and appointments, and daily spin as the reality and not the exceptions to the rule of order necessary for strong and focused leadership and stable government.

A year ago, when Hillary Clinton stood at the podium during debates, educated, prepared, and focused, America should have seen the train wreck that is Donald Trump before it crashed in our nation’s capital. As tensions grow in various hot spots around the globe — North Korea and the Russian frontier especially — it is troubling to think that Trump is just making things up as he goes along. Decisions with global implications require the knowledge and studious attention America would have found in Clinton…or anyone else besides Trump.

08022017 Dons
“By the way, dad, our fake dog ate my homework.”

Trump’s biggest failure will be his driving ambition to do everything himself. Looking back in history, there is a lesson for Trump from one of America’s richest and most accomplished men — a man, who in his lifetime built an empire worth 100 times more than Trump’s few billion dollars. He was also a man who recognized that, as a corporate magnate and leader, he had no need to accomplish everything on his own.

Andrew Carnegie believed that “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” Widely respected as a business mogul and one of the nation’s most renowned philanthropists, Carnegie also valued something else that Trump seems to have little use for — books and free public libraries.

In contrasting the two businessmen, Carnegie emerges as the true rags-to-riches story of American opportunity and self-motivation. Trump’s inheritance funded and self-gratifying business leadership style is but an apprenticeship to Carnegie’s greatness, and so is his overwhelming desire to be the sole conceiver of ideas and recipient of accolades.

At the close of Trump’s tenure, his own self-oriented needs will bring his house of cards crashing down around him, but he will immediately blame others. It will be interesting to see whether he blames his own children, whom he has surrounded himself with since the inception of his administration. If he does, his demise will also be a lesson in parenting.

A dad who blames his child for the “F” on the book-report the parent authored has more to learn than his student does. It will not be long before Trump is called to the principal’s office, and when he is, let us hope he is expelled. Without the bully on the playground, we can all get back to making America great again.

The Daily Dog: A Hole in None

Yesterday, Donald Trump made his 43rd trip to a Trump-owned golf course since taking office in January. White House pool reporters noted his motorcade’s arrival at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. shortly after 9:30 Sunday morning. His agenda for the day was unclear, but he was seen wearing one of his signature made-in-China red ball caps.

Trump Golf 07312017
“Now what do I do?” Photo: Press Association via AP Images.

For a man who criticized President Barack Obama for playing too much golf, Trump’s time on the links has outpaced not only Obama, but Bush and Clinton as well — and almost cumulatively, too. In fact, Trump plays so much golf, he has inspired websites that track his play and Twitter users cannot stop tweeting about Trump’s visits to his own clubs. With Sunday’s trip, Trump’s bill to American taxpayers for security and transportation is estimated to be above $60 million.

Between golf and Trump’s other favorite pastime — early morning Twitter rants — it would seem he has little else to do, including signing a Russian sanctions bill that has been sitting on his desk. Most observers are quick to criticize Trump’s golfing and tweeting as malicious wastes of time, but his habits may be interpreted to reveal another alternative.

Trump has resigned himself to losing and has given up all interest in the White House.

As frequently as he has played golf, Trump has also tweeted complaints about Hillary Clinton, fake news, the media, Obamacare, and a tiny handful of other not-so-relevant topics in the global sense. He has rarely tweeted an original thought or diverged from the same sour whining. Occasionally, Trump will let loose a rare foray into some new territory — like his transgender military ban — but the essence of his ramblings remain closely focused on hate, thoughtless, and of limited intellect.

In between tweets, Trump manages to play golf with the same rudimentary skills with which he attempts to be an apprentice in the White House. This weekend, despite Russia’s threats to expel American diplomats, another North Korean missile test, and outrage over his comments to a police gathering, Trump calmly tottered off to one of his private sanctuaries and ignored the country’s — and every American’s — problems.

This is clearly not a man with an iota of concern about success in his current position. Stale tweets and equally stale golf outings indicate the dispassionate nature of Trump’s waning love affair with the Oval Office. He is a man who knows that no dose of Viagra will revive or provide the passion of the relationship he once fantasized.

Donald Trump is proof that though a person can make millions after bankruptcy, once morally bankrupt, an individual has no value.

Trump’s ignorant and stubborn refusals to compromise, accept criticism, see the larger picture, and play nicely with the coordinate branches of government are resignations — either conscious or subconsciously so — of his own narrow abilities. Defeat assumes many faces — from sore losers to lone sulkers. Trump seems to have traits of both, swinging from tantrums to withdrawals to the nearest Trump National Hack Links.

While Trump’s outings and tweets give us all something to write about and criticize, his apathetic response to his failing political ambitions may not deserve so much scrutiny. Each time Trump finishes a round of golf, he realizes his career as a politician is one step closer to the 19th hole — and he knows there are no trophies waiting at the clubhouse of history.

The Daily Dog: Congress Moves to Cut the Umbilical Cord

Congressional leaders are finally sending an overdue message of resistance to Donald Trump by agreeing on legislation to limit his powers on future sanctions against Russia. The bill, scheduled for an early week vote, is expected to pass before landing on Trump’s desk in what will likely be another contentious moment between legislators and a delirious apprentice dictator.

A key piece of the legislation surrounds Congressional oversight and control over any future revisions to the proposed sanctions. Trump, accustomed to never being held accountable or reporting to superiors, is likely to balk at the included provisions that limit his power.

Trump Putin 07242017
Will Congress be able to break the power of the secret handshake?

In what may have been a cryptic response to news of the proposed legislation, Trump posted a tweet Sunday afternoon accusing Republicans of abandoning him. “It’s very sad that Republicans do very little to protect their President,” Trump wrote late Sunday following his 42nd round of golf since taking office. The tweet followed odd statements made by Trump a day earlier calling on U.S. military personnel to support his healthcare bill revisions so that they would have health care coverage.

The more time that elapses since Trump seized power in Washington, D.C., the more evident it becomes that the 71-year-old executive has little to no knowledge of government policies, functions, or procedures. It does not occur to him that congress does not represent or protect him or his interests, or that military forces should not be politicized. These are harbingers of a totalitarian despot.

Republicans in congress have a duty to the people who elected them — not to Donald Trump. It is more than disturbing that Trump believes that representatives and senators have failed to protect him or any of his equally disturbing proposed policies.

As the Trump regime ages — and not so gracefully at that — it is clear that Trump has a much different perception of his office than is historically expected. He inches closer and closer each day to a power shift that will alter the fundamental structure of the American political system…and not in a good way for the people.

Trump has filled his administration and surrounded himself with friends and family with few relevant qualifications. He has demonstrated a lack of judgement that detrimentally affects his ability to fulfill the oath of office. He has alienated allies and embraced anti-democratic regimes around the globe. He has demanded loyalty from supporters and employees. He has attacked the constitutional rights of the press and the people. Now, he has condemned his own party members for failing to protect him and not the people of the United States.

In every instance, Trump has digressed from traditional and constitutionally defined expectations — veering just a little bit farther from the democratic path established by our nation’s founders. Without corrective action, Trump’s megalomaniacal ideations of power, fame, and fortune have the potential to cripple America.

The pending legislation on Russia sanctions is a baby-step for what has been until-now, an impotent body of 535 elected representatives. It is a pushback against a power-grab that may have arrived too late to right the nation’s course. A truer test of America’s checks and balances will come if Trump vetoes the bill — requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate to override.

Until now, Trump has acted with impunity for the rules of law and constitutionality. America’s position as a global leader and a beacon of democracy demands that Congress not falter at this critical juncture. The time has come to sever the toxic umbilical cord between Trump and Putin and the sanctions bill is the decisive initial step in unmaking America’s first — and last — failed dictatorship.

The Daily Dog: Irish Eyes are Smiling

In yet another indication that world relations with the United States are chilling, newly elected Taoiseach Leo Varadkar gave Donald Trump the cold shoulder on Tuesday. Varadkar, the youngest Prime Minister of Ireland — and gay son of an Indian immigrant — ascended to Ireland’s highest post two weeks ago after the retirement of Enda Kenney.

Varadkar 06282017
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

When Trump phoned Varadkar on Tuesday afternoon to congratulate the new Prime Minister, the Irish government left Trump on hold for more than 90 seconds. Irish press gathered in the Oval Office for the scheduled event began clicking away while Trump fidgeted with papers and huffed, waiting until his young colleague finally answered the call.

Taoiseach Varadkar is not a fan of The Apprentice President and prior to his election said that he would not invite Trump to Ireland for a state visit. “I’m not sure what purpose it would serve,” Varadkar said during a February interview. Given Trump’s dismal record on LGBTQ rights, and President Barack Obama’s highly successful 2011 visit, Varadkar speculated that Trump would not be as welcomed by the Irish people.

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The Daily Dog: Lost Balls and Missing Marbles

In a surprise bit of tweetless pugilistic pressuring, Donald Trump threw down his child-sized gloves Monday and raised his tiny hands to errant republicans. While still blaming President Obama and “obstructionist” democrats for America’s current comprehensive and affordable healthcare crisis, Trump decided to level additional threats at his own party members.

America’s septuagenarian dictator went on an early offensive for Thursday’s proposed vote on TrumpCare v2.0. The chair of the Freedom Caucus, Representative Mark Meadows (R – N.C.) is expected to be one of the strongest republicans opponents to the proposed legislation. According to sources who attended a meeting between Trump and Meadows on Monday, Trump threatened Meadows, telling him, “I am going to come after you.”

Following the session with Trump, Meadows seemed rather nonchalant in response to Trump’s bloviating. He vowed to maintain his ‘no’ vote to the end. Who can blame him for ignoring a threat from the man with tapes who had no tapes?

This is just another episode in the early stages of the Trump administration that demonstrates Trump’s impotent blowhard leadership and the equally flaccid condition of the United States Congress. Already, this country has witnessed higher ranked representatives than Meadows bend to the will of Blessed Leader’s infantile demands that have most observers wondering if Trump is missing a few marbles.

#Covfefe 06062017
Trump clarifying that he is not bigly crazy…only a littly nuts.

Meadows’ may indeed have a strong will and good intentions, but only this week’s vote and the pressure of Herr Trumpler’s continued harassment will show whether he can resist the comical castration of America’s political body. America is praying that he is not a golfer or that he will refuse Trump’s customary bribe-like invitation to Mar-A-Lago, where other republicans — like Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) — typically lose their balls.

What America needs right now, in defense of Trump, is a hero charging up Capitol Hill to lead the country back to democracy and government “of the people by the people for the people.” Trump’s megalomaniacal ideations and bullish fascism too closely parallel those of a dictator on his way to wreaking havoc on the nation. The Trump regime’s threats to Meadows and its hostile campaign against another holdout, Sen. Dean Heller (R – Nev.), or any other republicans trying to exercise their conscience seem like precursory warnings that echo early Nazi-era history.

In Hitler’s rapid rise to power, he too, threatened adversaries and dissolved rival political parties before eventually outlawing and imprisoning the opposition and dissolving the Reichstag — clearing the way for greater humanitarian and civil evils. Trump’s thirst for power, blind adoration, and his desire to obliterate any Obama-influenced act mimic the dysfunctional mental state that consumed Hitler and Germany.

Trump’s quest to “Make America Great Again” began as a dangerous proposition for anyone who is not white, right, and rich. With his threat against Meadows — a former restauranteur with a net worth in the single-digit millions — Trump has made it clear that anyone who opposes him is at risk of retaliation. As the circle of exclusion widens, Trump emulates more and more, a paranoid dictator who will stop at nothing to destroy decades of American progress.

The mystery facing America is what form will our hero assume for this latest battle for the nation’s soul? James Comey is already a distant memory. Mark Meadows seems resolute, but Trump relies on a tremendous amount of special interest money to leverage his threats and already has launched smear ads against Heller. As evidenced by the last televised cabinet meeting, Trump will stoop as low as he needs to in order to create an atmosphere of totalitarian subservience to himself. In Trump’s mind and politics, Trump always comes before country.

Wonder Woman 06272017
Could Wonder Woman’s golden lasso make Trump tell the truth?

It is time to summon a new hero with our desperate pleas to save the nation. Where greater defenders have gone and come away from a round of golf without a ball to show for it, the country needs a superhero of a different kind. We need our hero to zoom in on an invisible jet with a golden truth-inducing lasso. We need Wonder Woman…and we almost had her. It’s too bad the popular vote wasn’t enough to satisfy democracy.

The Sunday Dog: Dismal Don

Yesterday, Russia defeated New Zealand in the first round of the FIFA Confederations Cup in St. Petersburg. Russian president, Vladimir Putin was among the more than fifty-thousand spectators who cheered the home team’s opening match in the tournament.

Putin FIFA 06182017
Putin (right) likes a winning team. (Photo: Pavel Golovkin/The Associated Press)

Though Putin’s title is president of Russia, western democratic leaders often compare his office to an oligarch or dictator. Putin has a poor reputation for human and civil rights abuses, a totalitarian approach to ruling, and a penchant for intolerance and violence. He is responsible for invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea and a long list of other known and unknown crimes. He is a former hardline KGB agent with a net worth that is disputed and in the broad range of $1 to 200 billion.

As miserable as his leadership qualities are, it cannot be said that Putin is not proud of his accomplishments or his country. He is frequently spotted in and out of Russia to show his support for all things Russian. Putin displays his Russian pride for the world to see and sometimes ridicule. Despite having a hand in everything, he makes time to support a serious soccer underdog at the Confederations Cup: team Russia.

Donald Trump cannot even carve out a few hours to support his Washington, D.C. colleagues at a softball game.

Throughout the 20th century, the world has witnessed the rise and fall of at least a dozen infamous dictators. For many, public appearances have played key roles in their visibility, fanaticism, and ability to stir and incite the masses they attempt to control. Others have relied on sport to spread their influence.

In 1936, an American sportswriter, John Tunis, described Benito Mussolini’s use of Italian sport in his regime. Tunis asserted that, “Sport becomes just one branch of army training and keeps the younger and naturally insurgent elements of the community from thinking too much about internal political conditions and lack of employment.” As an example, Mussolini seized on soccer’s popularity and the 1934 World Cup to emphasize Italian supremacy and underscore his fascist messages.

Likewise, in 1936 Adolf Hitler sought to display the German uber-race at the Berlin Olympics. Hitler applauded his Aryan athletes from a box shared with other Nazi officials. Though Austrian by birth, Hitler supported all things German with zeal and exuberant fanaticism.

Perhaps no dictator has shown more enthusiasm for his country than Mao Tse-tung. The Chairman of the People’s Republic demanded a billion Chinese to excel at every task, and propelled China’s reputation onto the world stage for its sport, industrialism, beatings, and prison camps.

In every instance of oligarchical, totalitarian, and despotic rule, destructive leaders have demonstrated an over-stated pride in their country. They posed for the crowds and cameras to advance clear and convincing messages of authoritarian power: My way is the best and only way.

Vladimir Putin continues a long-standing Russian and dictatorial tradition of cheering his teams. While we do not condone, respect, or envy him, he exhibits an undeniable passion and pride for his country. He may beat his team for not winning, but Putin will undoubtedly have a seat in the stadium to see them lose. It is what zealots like him do.

Donald Trump shares many qualities of dictators, but he will never be one — much the same way being president eludes him. Trump is enthusiastic for coal, for rallies paying homage to his ego, for his private clubs and developments, and for the largeness of his signature on so many meaningless pages. His ersatz enthusiasm to Make America Great Again never gained widespread appeal and has become thoroughly unconvincing.

As Putin is so enthusiastically Russian, Trump is so distinctly un-American in everything he does. His dispassionate and practically non-existent appearances anywhere except his private golf courses have removed Trump from the realm of even great zealots. He is neither president, nor dictator, though he likens himself to having the qualities of both.


Trump is having more than a bad hair day…he’s having a bad presidency.


Whether Trump survives his term or faces impeachment, he will never rise to be the leader that he mistakenly believes himself to be. His lack of energy, charisma, and passion for the nation as a whole will always impede any aspiration to lead. Trump’s desire to be Trump is what ultimately will remove him from the history books as any kind of leader — good or bad, president or dictator. Moreover, it is a sad day in America’s history when any person looks across the globe, and in the satiric choice between dictatorial Don and plutocrat Putin, says, “Dos vedayna, Don.” People want a leader who takes pride in more than his hair.

The Daily Dog: A Thin Skinned Cat

While vacationing in Florida in April, president Trump’s motorcade made a detour…kind of like the entire country did when he stole the election. Trump’s detour, however, was not because of a sinkhole that opened in front of Mar-a-Lago, or to avoid street flooding caused by global warming and rising sea levels. The president was simply too much of a coward to face any of the protesters along his route on April 15 — tax day.

Detour 06122017
Trump’s own administration is never sure of the president’s daily direction.

In May, reports surfaced that Trump had begun blocking Fifth Estate bloggers and opinionated Twitter users whose stinging commentary left too much of a burn on the president’s hyper-sensitive skin. The threat of a Trump block quickly became a badge of honor among those diligently seeking to restore America’s voice of reason. The ACLU and other organizations debated the constitutionality of Trump’s egotistical crock blocking — contributing to Trump’s ire.

Now, before his proposed state visit to the United Kingdom, Trump has offended yet another U.S. ally because he is too delicate and afraid of possible spirited protests. Londoners and Brits across the land are celebrating as if they had just repelled Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

A fundamental tenet of any democracy is that elected officials must listen to and hear the many voices of a nation. In the global context, a modern president must accept that various opinions will follow beyond America’s borders. As the embodiment of democratic values, Trump has a duty to expect and foster free expression wherever he travels.

It is equally fundamental, though unwritten, that democratic leaders — foreign or domestic and especially those in the Twitter era — understand that peoples everywhere will praise and criticize them. Moreover, it is a given that the scales are not often likely to show a balance between the two.

Based on Trump’s recent frailty in the face of protests and criticism, it is difficult to imagine him as the self-described giant in the cutthroat world of late 20th century Manhattan real estate. Perhaps Trump’s skin is thinning with age, and failing him at a time when he most needs it.

Perhaps the president’s hesitation stems from the idea that Trump himself is but a novice critic and mudslinger. His childish rants lack the refined and complex creativity that a more educated and intelligent adversary might employ. He engages in elementary-school playground insults and banters on Twitter with remedial fragmented thoughts — much in the same way his base responds to the media, press, and Muslim Americans.

Crazy Trump 06122017
This job is bigly hard driving me crazy! Photo: Albert H. Teich


If Donald Trump’s constitution has deteriorated to the point where he cannot endure a bit of verbal pushback and the mildly vulgar gesticulations of a few protesters, it is time to ask the more serious questions. Trump is a man who ridicules the likes of Sen. John McCain — a veteran and P.O.W. who suffered in enemy hands — but he certainly could never have endured McCain’s torment. With such friable armor, it is a wonder that Trump survived the sex-crazed hell that he has described as his personal Viet Nam.

The nation and its jelly-kneed leaders in Washington, D.C. are approaching a critical juncture very early in the Trump saga. As tensions rise in the Middle East (thanks to Trump); as allies retreat from traditional bonds (thanks to Trump); and as Americans become increasingly divided against each other (do we have to say it); someone has to step forward and grab the loosed reins.

Figuring out what to do with Trump is like trying to care for an aging pet. At what point does the country seriously consider impeachment as the kindest available euthanasia of the administration? American and Trump both deserve at least that kindness and mercy. The alternative is to wait another year for when the president’s cabinet and inner circle finally realize that Trump is incapacitated because of his thin-skinned mental state.

In that scenario, the result for Trump and country would be more devastating and embarrassing than impeachment. Invoking Section 4 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment would leave a darker and more nefarious stain on our democracy.

Impeachment holds a humiliating connotation for the United States. However, the process demonstrates to the world that democracy is a well-maintained and functioning machine that self-corrects anomalies in the normal procedures. A Section 4 removal — especially before mid-term — is less complimentary.

In the case of Trump, it would reveal an exploitable failure in the electoral process…a failure that any enemy could capitalize on with a well-funded dummy candidate. Removal would tell the world, “Look, democracy is so great, we elected a crazy man!” Not our best selling point on the global stage.

Impeachment saves face for the failing Trump as well. To vilify and demonize Trump or to rally against him for his crimes and indiscretions would at least satisfy his primal urge for attention. An action to remove the infirm, skinless, and fragile old man would likely infuriate and strike at Trump’s deepest feelings of resentment and only steel his resolve against America.

We generally do not endeavor to sink to Trump’s level, but sometimes it is easier to reach an adversary in his own language and perspective. The president has delusions and imagines himself as a giant among men — an invulnerable fortress of power and wealth. To this, we say, in the president’s language, “Donald, we are the many losers of America. Like great guy Jack — we will use our tinly axes and our tenacity to bring downly your bigly CRAZY beanstalk! SAD!”