The Daily Dog: Say it Ain’t So Joe!

Yesterday, the moon’s shadow raced across Middle America, aweing millions who gazed skyward at the eclipse. Today, a less-inspiring darkness will descend upon Phoenix, Ariz. as Donald Trump and a few thousand paid actors cum supporters occupy the Phoenix Convention Center. As his approval ratings plummet, and every week is his “worst week ever,” Trump continues to rely on ‘ego rallies’ as the best medicine for his own incompetence.

A frustrated Trump couldn’t figure out how to grab Mother Nature by the pussy.

Though the 2016 presidential campaign ended nearly ten months ago, Trump is apparently still dazed and confused about losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton. He typically visits poor, uneducated, and mono-racial strongholds for his post-campaign distraction rallies — places like Huntington, W.V. (median household income of $29,000, 29% with college degrees, and 86% white), Youngstown, Ohio ($24,000, 11%, 47%), and Cedar Rapids, Iowa ($53,000, 30%, 88%). Phoenix shares some of the characteristics of a Trump base, but there is speculation that Trump is going to Arizona for other reasons.

Maricopa County is home to the notorious hardline law enforcement of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio — a vocal Trump supporter who shares Trump’s bigoted policies on immigration and has a plethora of controversial ideas of his own. On July 31, a United States District Judge found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt for violating another federal court’s order to terminate immigration arrests on suspicion alone. For years, Arpaio’s office pursued racially motivated policies targeting the Phoenix Latino population and often arresting law-abiding U.S. citizens merely for racially motivated immigration profiling.

In her ruling, Judge Susan Bolton said that Arpaio abdicated his responsibility as a law enforcement officer and “announced to the world and to his subordinates that he was going to continue business as usual no matter who said otherwise.” Bolton’s statement confirms for many that Arpaio’s national recognition and self-styled fame stemmed from his abuse of power and a belief that he was above the laws that he enforced.

In the narrow overlap of local and federal interaction, Trump and Arpaio share a similar mission: promote their own popularity by exploiting immigrants to instill public fear and fulfill a personal agenda. They are both sick men. Therefore, it’s no surprise that speculation this week is that Trump may pardon Arpaio before the former sheriff is sentenced in October.

08222017 TentCity
Joe Arpaio may soon be on the other side of the fence.

Joe Arpaio is the poster-child for what is wrong with America’s criminal justice and law enforcement systems. Abuse of authority grievances against law enforcement and corrections agencies constitute a wide variety of complaints ranging from simple misconduct to brutality. Arpaio has been convicted of criminal contempt, but many of his policies while sheriff carried abusive implications — from his tent city jail to humiliating prisoners by making them wear pink undergarments. Arpaio is a relic of Arizona’s Wild West who had no business in modern corrections because, like many power hungry officers, he did not respect or honor the duty of his badge.

For Trump even to consider pardoning Arpaio sends a significantly negative message to every American in much the same way his wavering on the Charlottesville tragedy became an endorsement of white supremacists and hate groups. If Trump pardons Arpaio, he will be sanctioning the trampling of civil and constitutional rights of every person accused or convicted of a crime. Because of Arpaio’s history of questionable policies, every officer and jailer in the nation will laugh in the face of prisoner complaints.

Unfortunately, Trump is both too obtuse and too bigoted to grasp the impact of his decisions. The only thing that Trump will appreciate in a potential pardon is the spotlight and applause from his paid fans in Phoenix. He will not understand the disheartening message that a pardon will send to the more than 2.5 million people in jails and prisons in the United States; the more than 10 million children who have a parent behind bars; or the countless other family members and friends who worry that their loved ones will be treated humanely.

For Trump, decisions and messages do not create consequences, but only popularity with the hired help in the audience. Joe Arpaio is guilty of a minor misdemeanor for major crimes against the people of Maricopa County and he does not deserve a pardon simply so Donald Trump can listen to a crowd cheer. As Trump stirs hate again in the Arizona desert, he is campaigning in his mind, but the only opponent he is facing is himself. It’s a no-win situation for him and America.

The Sunday Dog: When Silence Isn’t Golden

On Saturday, the United States and the world witnessed the latest consequence of Donald Trump inspired hatred in America. Self-proclaimed “alt-right” white supremacists descended on the small college town of Charlottesville, Va. to protest the removal of a statue of Civil War general Robert E. Lee. Following a morning of clashes and violence at the Unite the Right event, a vicious automobile attack sent 19 people to local hospitals and left 32-year-old Heather Hayer dead.


08132017 Heather Hyer
Heather Hayer was a victim of neo-Nazi hate prospering under Donald Trump.

Police arrested a 20-year-old man on Saturday evening and charged him with murder and other crimes stemming from allegedly ramming a crowd of counter-protesters with his car. The latest incident of domestic terrorism demonstrates once again that Trump’s bans, anti-immigrant policies, and minority fear mongering are simply products of his own demented “fake news” feed. The man arrested for mowing down unarmed men and women did not come from a banned nation or enter America illegally, and he does not have a gun or brown skin. He is from Ohio.


Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, who is white and a democrat, condemned the violence and blamed Trump for inflaming racial prejudices. As national leaders of every color and political affiliation raised their voices to denounce racism and the white nationalist rally, one American remained ambivalent to Saturday’s activities — Donald Trump.

Speaking from his private club in New Jersey, Trump refused to — as he has since he announced a campaign widely supported by white nationalists — condemn the racist and fascist-leaning groups responsible for Saturday’s violence. Even as noted Ku Klux Klansman David Duke insisted that Unite the Right protesters were “going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump,” Trump shamefully attempted to mitigate the impact of hate groups and his own culpability.

In a brief statement, Trump suggested that the hatred promoted by white supremacy groups is spread equally across the socio-political and ethnic spectrums. Contrary to Trump’s intimation, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and fascists directly organized the rally in Charlottesville and fanned the flames of racism and bigotry. By declining to speak against the antagonists and distance his office from those who adore and hold him in high regard, Trump essentially condoned their activity and acquiesced to his role of figurehead.

His silence emboldens the alt-right and Trump’s many racist factions, and their numbers are growing. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 2016 was a banner year for hate groups in America. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign bombarded Americans with messages of fear and energized racist neo-Nazi offshoots and others. In addition to tracking the organizations responsible for spreading hate, the SPLC also documents hate crimes and noted a spike in the first ten days after Nov. 8, 2016 as well as an increased atmosphere of intimidation in the nation’s schools.



08132017 NaziMap
Hate groups in America. Courtesy Southern Poverty Law Center.



David Duke’s contention that hate groups are fulfilling the will of Donald Trump resonates throughout the white nationalist community. Late Saturday, the popular white supremacist website Daily Stormer — publishing statements that echoed Trump’s personally unique syntax and style — called Trump’s comments, “Really, really good.” They also noted how Trump refused to condemn them. “No condemnation at all. When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room.”

Both sides heard Trump’s message to America with acute clarity, and today across the nation, the divide widens. Under Trump’s regime, white nationalists are pursuing an agenda that mimics what they see in Washington, D.C. and the White House: a return to pre-civil rights era values and segregated America.

In the wake of domestic terrorism incidents over the past few months, Trump’s silence has earned him a troubling reputation. In cases of white on non-white hate crimes — like the recent Minnesota mosque bombing and February’s shooting of two Indians in a Kansas bar — Trump refused to make a statement, offer condolences on Twitter, or even acknowledge that they occurred.

As tensions rise internationally and domestically, America has entered a modern dark age under Trump’s bigoted views and policies. While white nationalists plan more rallies and spread Trump’s messages of hate, intolerance, and xenophobic views, America’s majority must speak up. Almost a century ago, the world remained silent while another fascist minded lunatic unleashed chaos on Germany. By the time anyone spoke out, he had murdered millions and nearly destroyed Europe.

Donald Trump, who once admitted to keeping Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, may like silence more than just when he is reading. He relies on it, and will shout down those who oppose him — the same way neo-Nazi thugs do in the streets. Yesterday an American’s voice was silenced, but millions more can send a message to Trump and his racist supporters. Today, everyone say something extra for Heather Hayer…because our nation’s leader forgot to.

The Sunday Dog: A General Discomfort

The only thing missing from Friday’s Department of Justice press conference were armed and uniformed members of Donald Trump’s new authoritarian regime. As Trump begins to tighten the noose on American freedoms, he advocates the use of force (urging police to ‘rough up’ suspects) and relies on military generals as advisors in ways that are unprecedented in our nation’s history.

For over 240 years, America has been a civil democracy where elected leaders and civilian appointees make government decisions and set policies commensurate with constitutional mandates. In the early stages of the Trump era, however, the nation is experiencing an increasing shift to military style totalitarianism. The people with the tanks and guns — instead of the brains — have an emergent role in advising Trump on how to control, rather than lead, the nation.

08062017 Generals
Trump reminisces with his generals about his days as a draft dodger.

The Trump regime’s crackdown on leakers, whistle blowers, the press, and long-standing First Amendment traditions is leading America down a dangerous path into a dark forest. Restraining the free flow of information has long been a key weapon in subduing and controlling populations. Today in China, the government is blocking almost all social media, Google, WordPress, and media outlets like the New York Times and Reuters to check public enlightenment.

Governments that limit freedom of information are often the same ones that abuse human rights, engage in illicit and illegal activity, and suppress individual expression. They are spoken about in the United States of America as “communist regimes” and “police states” among many other less flattering names. When America’s leaders discuss nations like North Korea, Cuba, and Russia, it is usually in the context of places where the seeds of democracy need be sown.

Our own garden, however, is choking on Trump’s toxic manure.

Trump opponents likely remember former press secretary Sean Spicer whining in January that Twitter users should stop mocking Trump on social media. With this week’s added threats of prosecution of leakers, and harsh warnings for the media, it seems more and more like Trump is moving towards an authoritarian lock down on First Amendment freedoms. How long will it be before Trump’s generals attempt to shutdown Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to limit online criticism of “Beloved Leader?”

Both the Fourth and Fifth Estates have distinct and necessary objectives in maintaining the future of America’s democracy. If the nation is to emerge from the Trump era with its rights and freedoms intact, the press and social media communities must focus their efforts and resolve. They must strive not to cave under the regime’s threats of punishment for mere acts of patriotism. It is essential that the media, with its access to leaked information, the country’s leadership, and trusted sources continues to expose and inform each American of Trump’s every step and misstep.

No less important are the millions of mothers and fathers, professionals and students, and late-night-bloggers, who, unpaid and oft not rewarded, lay their opinions and observations bare for the global digital community. Collectively, anti-Trump sentiment runs as deep and wide as the oceans, and includes individuals from all walks of life associating with each other via hashtags like #TheResistance, #ImpeachTrump, and #25for45. It is an empowering and driving force for change that unites a nation whose people value their rights and freedoms.

Any daily Twitter user could likely offer expert opinion on why a nation like China banned the world’s most popular communication platform; and why Donald Trump is so scared of it — despite relying on Twitter to reach fan club members with his self-styled “truths” each day between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.

08062017 Siskind
Amy Siskind’s list is growing exponentially.

For those who are skeptical about the direction in which Trump and his generals are taking the nation, follow the lead of Amy Siskind. A former Wall Street executive who is the co-founder and president of The New Agenda, Siskind began documenting the minor changes in America following Trump’s rise to power. For 37 consecutive weeks, she has been posting weekly additions to her long and detailed list of authoritarian style changes that she has noticed. Each post has the ominous caption that advises to keep the list “so you remember.”

Siskind’s list has grown to a book-length read as she scrutinizes the Trump regime at every move. Hers is a valuable lesson for Americans who may be too busy, too distracted, and too careless to understand that coups do not always happen overnight. The subtle changes that Siskind documents are worthwhile concerns and warnings for each person who wants to not only remember, but also not have to rely on memories of freedoms we take for granted.

Trump has been in office for six months and the most notable change is the atmosphere of hostility, anxiety, and fear on every corner in America. There is a sense of uncertainty that cannot be qualified or quantified for many, but it lingers ominously. While it is difficult to identify a gut feeling, an air of danger is often the best indication that something is not right — and when the wolf if prowling at night, just because you do not see it, does not mean it is safe to close your eyes. If you are tired, America, sometimes making lists is a good way to stay awake…

The Daily Dog: Congress Moves to Cut the Umbilical Cord

Congressional leaders are finally sending an overdue message of resistance to Donald Trump by agreeing on legislation to limit his powers on future sanctions against Russia. The bill, scheduled for an early week vote, is expected to pass before landing on Trump’s desk in what will likely be another contentious moment between legislators and a delirious apprentice dictator.

A key piece of the legislation surrounds Congressional oversight and control over any future revisions to the proposed sanctions. Trump, accustomed to never being held accountable or reporting to superiors, is likely to balk at the included provisions that limit his power.

Trump Putin 07242017
Will Congress be able to break the power of the secret handshake?

In what may have been a cryptic response to news of the proposed legislation, Trump posted a tweet Sunday afternoon accusing Republicans of abandoning him. “It’s very sad that Republicans do very little to protect their President,” Trump wrote late Sunday following his 42nd round of golf since taking office. The tweet followed odd statements made by Trump a day earlier calling on U.S. military personnel to support his healthcare bill revisions so that they would have health care coverage.

The more time that elapses since Trump seized power in Washington, D.C., the more evident it becomes that the 71-year-old executive has little to no knowledge of government policies, functions, or procedures. It does not occur to him that congress does not represent or protect him or his interests, or that military forces should not be politicized. These are harbingers of a totalitarian despot.

Republicans in congress have a duty to the people who elected them — not to Donald Trump. It is more than disturbing that Trump believes that representatives and senators have failed to protect him or any of his equally disturbing proposed policies.

As the Trump regime ages — and not so gracefully at that — it is clear that Trump has a much different perception of his office than is historically expected. He inches closer and closer each day to a power shift that will alter the fundamental structure of the American political system…and not in a good way for the people.

Trump has filled his administration and surrounded himself with friends and family with few relevant qualifications. He has demonstrated a lack of judgement that detrimentally affects his ability to fulfill the oath of office. He has alienated allies and embraced anti-democratic regimes around the globe. He has demanded loyalty from supporters and employees. He has attacked the constitutional rights of the press and the people. Now, he has condemned his own party members for failing to protect him and not the people of the United States.

In every instance, Trump has digressed from traditional and constitutionally defined expectations — veering just a little bit farther from the democratic path established by our nation’s founders. Without corrective action, Trump’s megalomaniacal ideations of power, fame, and fortune have the potential to cripple America.

The pending legislation on Russia sanctions is a baby-step for what has been until-now, an impotent body of 535 elected representatives. It is a pushback against a power-grab that may have arrived too late to right the nation’s course. A truer test of America’s checks and balances will come if Trump vetoes the bill — requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate to override.

Until now, Trump has acted with impunity for the rules of law and constitutionality. America’s position as a global leader and a beacon of democracy demands that Congress not falter at this critical juncture. The time has come to sever the toxic umbilical cord between Trump and Putin and the sanctions bill is the decisive initial step in unmaking America’s first — and last — failed dictatorship.

The Daily Dog: Comrades Up in Arms

The New York Times reported Saturday that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian lawyer to discuss potentially damaging information about then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At least five White House sources confirmed the meeting, which was held at Trump Tower in New York City in June of 2016. According to the Times report, Trump, Jr. met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian attorney with close ties to the Kremlin and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Natalia V 07102017
Natalia Veselnitskaya


Trump, Jr. is alleged to have agreed to the meeting with Veselnitskaya on the premise that she had damaging information on Donald Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. However, in a statement released by Trump, Jr., he said that Veselnitskaya was “vague, ambiguous, and made no sense.” It seems that Trump, Jr. should have been perfectly capable of understanding someone who communicates just like his father.

Whether the meeting actually got to the point of exchanging damaging gossip about Clinton, the world will never know. Trump, Jr.’s word carries about as much value as a Trump casino on the Jersey Shore and Veselnitskaya’s sole career purpose has been to discredit an American law aimed at Russian human rights abusers. Knowing who to believe is like being handed two vials of poison and having to choose one.

The founder of Hermitage Capital, William Browder, whose company was victimized by Russian fraud activities, has called Veselnitskaya a “tool of the Russian government”. In addition to lobbying against the Magnitsky Act, Veselnitskaya is an outspoken voice on social media, attacking President Obama and his former policies, women’s rights, and America’s system of checks and balances that controls Donald Trump. She is a very well connected and represents a valid danger to U.S. security and interests.

Veselnitskaya used Facebook to spread rumors about The Women’s March organizer and attack U.S. policies.

She is the person that Trump, Jr. — like his father — probably salivated over meeting. The fact that a member of the Trump campaign team jumped at the opportunity to purchase or otherwise procure information on Clinton would appear to undermine one of Donald Trump’s long-standing claims: that he beat Clinton in last November’s election. Anyone hearing of Trump, Jr.’s meeting — except of course the minority Trump base of Middle Ameristan — has to ask, when does cheating officially become cheating?

Professional sports suffer a fair share of high-profile cheating scandals. A much-hyped NFL deflate-gate enraged American football fans. Superstar tennis player Maria Sharapova was banned from her sport for non-approved medications. Lance Armstrong doped. A-Rod used banned substances. The list goes on and on, but where does the cheating begin?

The act of cheating — of ingesting a banned substance, changing a bat, altering a ball — is merely the culmination of the desire, intent, and moral flaws that drive a person to take an unfair advantage. It is what happens when the craving for personal gain overrides values and good judgment.

The intent to cheat begins long before the act. A cheater is born the moment he asks a doctor for a prescription; researches a source; courts a ball handler with favors; or buys a vial of drugs — whether or not they are used immediately. The same is true for Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump Jr 07102017
Donald Trump, Jr. has been nominated for an Oscar for Acting with Impunity. Getty Images

It should be irrelevant that Veselnitskaya arrived at a meeting and began to discuss things that were vague and made no sense. Trump, Jr. became a cheater for his father’s campaign the moment he seized on the opportunity to obtain information and began executing his plan and pursuing the lead that tempted him. There is no question about his intention since he admitted in his statement that he agreed to the meeting because the source “might have information helpful to the campaign.”

What information did Trump, Jr. believe a Russian national might have — the latest poll numbers from a Russian university? Saturday’s Times report advances the Trump-Russia collusion theory several steps and is the first publicly acknowledged meeting between Russian influences and a member of Trump’s inner circle.

While it is difficult to accept that an American citizen seeking office would cheat to gain political power, there is another more disappointing aspect to this latest development. While horrified American fans will fill stadiums with roars of disapproval over athletes cheating, when a megalomaniacal family of miscreants usurps the democratic process and the nation’s government, it is like listening for crickets on a darkened ball-field.

The Daily Dog: Polarization

Donald Trump makes us angry. He makes the opposition and the resistance angry because of his boorish mannerisms, attacks on the fundamentals of democracy, and his incoherent ramblings that allege to simulate some form of so-called leadership. He makes his own supporters angry with the resistance by using his same lack of manners and third-grade speeches to pretend that he has some interest in democracy.

Everywhere he goes and each time Trump opens his mouth, the central focus is the same. He relies on the worst experiences of humanity, society, and history to drive a generalized message of despair and hopelessness. And then turns the attention so his fans perceive him as the provider of hope, revival, and salvation. He thrives on the idea that Trump is a giant among men, larger than his own hands could embrace.

Trump’s speech yesterday in Warsaw featured the same formula that we have been listening to since 2016. During the Republican National Convention, Trump rallied the crowd by telling them he alone could solve Washington’s gridlock and the nation’s problems. Throughout his campaign and the early portion of his regime, he has asserted several times that he could single-handedly wrangle the intricacies of the Oval Office.

If only Donald had a clue as he wandered the tarmac this week looking for his limo…

Speaking to a small crowd of only a few thousand, Trump adhered to his elementary school speech-writing formula. He repeatedly emphasized the darkest points in Polish history. The mostly ethnocentric spectators, bused in by the right-wing Polish majority party PiS, cheered for Trump and waved Make America Great Again signs — as if Poles at home had clung to some vested interest in last November’s U.S. politics.

From Trump’s labelling the first lady as America’s greatest ambassador to the frantic rent-a-crowds, the speech evolved as another Orwellian portrait of a man determined to force his country (and maybe to world) to bow in homage. As so many Twitter users have noted of late, “This is not normal.”

Interspersed with his dark and rambling Polish history lesson — that mentioned Poland’s “constant and brutal attacks” and graphic references to Soviet and Nazi invasions — Trump also shared his focus with the tools of American democracy. If the Trump regime’s record at home were not so abysmal, his remarks would have been laughable.

Warsaw Crowd 07072017
Trump may have dropped the Paris Accord, but he believes in recycling.

As it is, his comments only emphasized the declining condition of the United States. Like all Trump speeches, the Warsaw commentary further demonstrated that Trump has no conviction whatsoever. He merely speaks to a crowd, instead of for a cause — unless of course that cause is applause to his own ego. It is no surprise that PiS supporters cheer for Trump during a time when Poland is facing the same national crises as the United States: xenophobia, ethnocentrism, and the abandonment of democratic ideals.

Towards the close of his speech, Trump slipped more and more into the fervor of the crowd, and the first person plural — aligning him with the live-track studio audience. His eyes flickered with imagined memories as Trump attempted to convince himself and the crowd that he had somehow, somewhere, been part of a struggle.

America no longer has a president. Our nation has a showman…a reality television icon. He is a washed-up popstar with a loose screw who peddles America for a moment of applause. He is like an addict — only his fix is attention and like an addict, he will say anything for a happy crowd.

When Trump said, “We want God,” during Thursday’s speech, a casual observer could almost see the light go off in his enfeebled mind. “We want God,” he said, looking at the crowd, and thinking of himself as a savior.

The Daily Dog: A Hero Amid Zeros

This week has demonstrated how Washington politics has long been plagued by the careful use of plausible deniability and the non-answer answer. The top U.S. intelligence chiefs made good use of both evasive tactics during their appearances before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. The hearing turned out to be a tight lipped and contentious affair during which Dan Coats, the national intelligence director, and his colleagues sat smugly — and giggly at times — while openly mocking the oversight process with impunity.

A day earlier, Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, fielded questions from the Senate Appropriations Committee and stonewalled senators with similar and equally evasive, though more ignorant, responses. Of significant importance, her refusal to give direct answers as to whether she would allow private schools to discriminate against LGBTQ and disabled students in voucher programs. Continue reading “The Daily Dog: A Hero Amid Zeros”

#Covfefe Solved!

On Monday, the White House claimed that it was “utterly ridiculous” for anyone to infer that President Trump attacked London’s mayor because the mayor is Muslim. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders was too quick to respond when asked about Trump’s tweets criticizing Mayor Sadiq Kahn. The knee-jerk denial was strong enough to kick her credibility out the door where it almost hit a cowering Sean Spicer.

Trump and Kahn have been sparring in the media since the beginning of both their political campaigns almost two years ago. Kahn took early exception to Trump’s “ignorant” view of Muslims; and Trump took an exception to…well, Kahn’s religion. Then candidate Trump intimated that Kahn was an “exception” to the rule among Muslims and how the Travel Ban would affect him if the mayor visited the United States.

Yet, the White House continues to treat the American public like a mindless herd that will eagerly consume and digest any statement, opinion, or denial coming from on high. Trump has not only insulted Mayor Kahn and other European leaders, but he humiliates every person in the United States daily in assuming they are not intelligent enough to connect the dots in the administration’s path to ruin.

#Covfefe 06062017
Tiny hands and a big mouth make Trump a double threat in the Twitter dominated media world.

It was only a few weeks ago that the president wished the “many losers” in the country a happy Memorial Day on Twitter. On the heels of his criticism and “pathetic” tweet regarding Kahn, it is neither ridiculous nor a stretch to see the president for what he is: an inflammatory blowhard — the original agent provocateur.

Trump ramped up to his hasty presidential campaign crushing dreamers on national television by yelling, “You’re fired!” Millions of Americans tuned in each week filled with glee and anticipation to see which apprentice’s failings merited Trump’s ire. How happy they must be now that Trump is calling them losers and heaping his scorn on the public. America created this monster, and America must work together to contain him.

Once in office, Trump continued his role as the inciting agent by encouraging his appointees to do his bidding and then disowning the consequences. For Trump, failure is familiar and embarrassing, and he is fearfully incapable of owning it. He is never at fault and has an answer for every moronic debacle — or he sends one of his minions to their doom in having to lie and make excuses for him. (Try saying, “Cover for Me,” after a shot of tequila or when you are exhausted.)

#Covfefe launched the Twitterverse into a bigly Conundrizzy…

Contrary to the White House propaganda, what is utterly ridiculous at this early point in the Trump presidency is that it is not ridiculous to assume or infer anything. In almost every instance of Trump’s incoherent tweets, unscripted speeches, and blustery promises, the not-so-hidden meanings eventually turn out to be quite transparent and true. A ban that is unequivocally not a ban is later proclaimed loudly and openly…as a ban.

Trump is raw, unfiltered, frustrated, and spoiled. He has difficulty containing his intentions and emotions. He is driven to express what Trump wants to say because he believes that he is right, everyone else is wrong, and he is thus superior.

A majority of his tweets contain emotional language, capital letters, and exclamation points. It is not at all unreasonable for the public to interpret the meaning of his excited utterances as what is most obvious the truth at the moment. However, what is unreasonable in this new era of political chaos is for the president and the White House staff to assume that Americans are somehow less intelligent today than yesterday. Simply because an idiot leads a nation (or pretends to), does not make it a country of idiots — the same way not every American is a bigot, racist, or even a small-time orange billionaire.

The Daily Dog: Did Trump Just Drop Some Grey Jello on America?

In the midst of this weekend’s attack in London, Donald Trump made what equates to a rational person’s impassioned plea for “the courts to give us back our rights.” Though the president’s tweet was book-ended by his normal gauche ranting, it was the first thought of substance coming from the White House since Barack Obama’s departure in January.

The press and public have grown accustomed to Trump’s gelatinous ramblings that waver like dessert on a tray. Therefore, it is both surprising and difficult to ascertain when anything of legitimate or coherent consequence oozes from the tiny lump of grey matter in the president’s thick orange skull.

It is painfully difficult to admit, but Trump’s Saturday night tweet was the first thing he has ever expressed that America should agree with and support. We do need the courts to give us back our rights, fairly, equally, and constitutionally across the board.

Trumps tweet went viral Saturday night for other reasons. Primarily because he referenced the travel ban (full disclosure: the Dogs fell for it like everyone else) and of the callous timing of the tweet (ditto). If not for the outrage over the president’s ill timed and poorly conceived tweet, his private — and perhaps Freudian (worried much Donald?) — perception of the courts and rights may have fallen by the wayside.

While the tweet was likely an expression of Trump’s hyper-egotistical need for added power, it makes a very important and subtle admission. Americans have lost too many rights in the past several decades. The government machine has been eroding fundamental rights at a pace that is generational, and thus nearly imperceptible. Trump may someday lament his tweet because it exposes the stark reality of the condition of the country. It essentially validates 90% of what is wrong with America and Trump’s presidency.

SCOTUS 06052018
Was Trump merely referring to his right to take a dip in the private SCOTUS swimming pool?

If asked to enumerate the rights in need of restoration, Trump would likely not do so eloquently. However, the following suggestions present as essential benchmarks in the current political atmosphere — in case the president cannot recall what the Constitution guarantees and what every American expects, deserves, and is entitled to:

  • We need an absolute guarantee that our First Amendment rights will never be infringed upon; and that regardless of what we express about the president, it will be allowed and respected as hallowed speech; and that a free press shall forever be an inherent part of political transparency as America’s greatest protection against fraud, injustice, and the destruction of democracy.
  • We need to know that when we vote, it will count for the candidate who wins an election, and not the one who loses. We need to restore corporate money and super-PAC limits to resurrect the inviolability of free and fair elections.
  • We need to know that, no matter what color our skin, or what religious emblem we display, or what clothing we don, we will be treated equally and without prejudice — and that we will not be banned from our own country because of these.
  • We need to accept that there are two — or three or four — sexes, but that each will be recognized and encouraged to make choices about their bodies; and that they will share in equal opportunities for their entire lives, from making a decision about an abortion to seeing the same wages on a paycheck to choosing a restroom.
  • We need protection from unlawful police conduct, searches, and seizures; from black-ops FISA courts; and from secret or sealed indictments. We need to know that our homes will not be seized for profit in the name of public domain.
  • We need renewed assurances and direction that the Fifth Amendment invocations against self-incrimination will be protected in all criminal prosecutions; and that the accused shall be afforded reasonable bails, balanced juries, and the competent assistance of counsel; and that race, sex, or status will not decide a criminal prosecution.
  • We need to know that civil rights will be enforced equally by all government agencies; and that police brutality, corruption, lying, and prosecutorial misconduct to gain convictions will not be tolerated at any level.

The challenge for Trump will be to stand by his statement when presented with an issue he does not like or agree with. He does not easily accept the premise of equality over entitlement. For the rest of us, it is to forget for a moment that it is Trump, the president, a billionaire who is asking for rights. As abhorrent as he is, for his request to be fulfilled, the same rights must apply equally to him as all others. That is the fundamental basis of America. We do need the courts to give us back our rights, but only equally for all, regardless of money, power, influence, or title.

Hint to the White House Press Corps: The Dogs would love for Sean Spicer to list the president’s specific thoughts on which rights to restore and to whom.