Back with a Vengeance

On Friday evening, Mr. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) a democratic member of the house of representatives* posted a message on Twitter. He was responding, as much of the nation did, to the firing of F.B.I. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — but likely more so to Donald Trump’s taunting tweets congratulating himself on McCabe’s removal. While … Continue reading Back with a Vengeance

The Daily Dog: Rotten to the Core

Yesterday, the founders of the research firm, Fusion GPS authored a New York Times op-ed detailing their frustration with the U.S. Congress and its investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal. In the Tuesday op-ed, Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch demanded that their testimony be released to the public. Fusion GPS is a Washington, D.C. based … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Rotten to the Core

The Sunday Dog: Who is Next?

On Thursday, the Justice Department released a statement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had rescinded several guidance documents governing laws concerning civil rights, ADA policies, and ATF rules. The move comes as the latest siege by Donald Trump’s regime on America’s democratic ideals and long-fought-for policies of inclusion, diversity, and the echoing words of a … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: Who is Next?

The Daily Dog: Forcing America to its Knees

On Sunday, former Indiana governor and Donald Trump lapdog, Mike Pence followed the lead of several other members of the Trump regime and took a high-value vacation to his home state. The former governor, who, like a puppet is rarely heard from unless he has someone’s hand up his ass, embarked on a taxpayer-funded trip … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Forcing America to its Knees