The Daily Dog: A Vote for the Voiceless

Over 70 million Americans have a criminal record. That means that one in three adults — about the same ratio as have college degrees — has been convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony. A 2012 Princeton study citing U.S. Department of Justice statistics reported that 14.5% percent of adults in the United States — … Continue reading The Daily Dog: A Vote for the Voiceless

The Daily Dog: Bending the Bars

Yesterday, a panel of the California Parole Board agreed to grant parole to one of the state’s most despised convicts, Leslie Van Houten. The 68-year-old former Manson cult member has been in prison for over 40 years and has been denied parole over 20 times in the past two decades. Described as a “model” prisoner, … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Bending the Bars

The Daily Dog: American Injustice

WARNING: This post contains graphic photos which some readers may find objectionable. Two weeks ago, Otto Warmbier, an American university student arrested and detained in North Korea, died almost immediately upon his return to the United States. North Korea imprisoned the 22-year-old for almost 18 months following a trial based on allegations that he had … Continue reading The Daily Dog: American Injustice


If making America great means returning to a time of over-privileged white establishment and mass incarceration, then President Trump’s agenda moved a step closer this week with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policy shift on federal criminal prosecutions. The mid-week announcement rolls back Obama-era administration guidelines on charging and sentencing. Sessions’ directive to federal prosecutors to … Continue reading Uncorrected

Straight A’s Outta Compton

Today on Good Morning America, ABC honored a group of 2017 high school graduates. A senior from Compton, Calif., E.J. Vaughn, was among those recognized and praised by the morning show anchors. Like many disadvantaged students, Vaughn faced down the obstacles of violence, poverty, and a single-parent household en route to his extraordinary acceptance at … Continue reading Straight A’s Outta Compton