The Sunday Dog: A General Discomfort

The only thing missing from Friday’s Department of Justice press conference were armed and uniformed members of Donald Trump’s new authoritarian regime. As Trump begins to tighten the noose on American freedoms, he advocates the use of force (urging police to ‘rough up’ suspects) and relies on military generals as advisors in ways that are unprecedented in our nation’s history.

For over 240 years, America has been a civil democracy where elected leaders and civilian appointees make government decisions and set policies commensurate with constitutional mandates. In the early stages of the Trump era, however, the nation is experiencing an increasing shift to military style totalitarianism. The people with the tanks and guns — instead of the brains — have an emergent role in advising Trump on how to control, rather than lead, the nation.

08062017 Generals
Trump reminisces with his generals about his days as a draft dodger.

The Trump regime’s crackdown on leakers, whistle blowers, the press, and long-standing First Amendment traditions is leading America down a dangerous path into a dark forest. Restraining the free flow of information has long been a key weapon in subduing and controlling populations. Today in China, the government is blocking almost all social media, Google, WordPress, and media outlets like the New York Times and Reuters to check public enlightenment.

Governments that limit freedom of information are often the same ones that abuse human rights, engage in illicit and illegal activity, and suppress individual expression. They are spoken about in the United States of America as “communist regimes” and “police states” among many other less flattering names. When America’s leaders discuss nations like North Korea, Cuba, and Russia, it is usually in the context of places where the seeds of democracy need be sown.

Our own garden, however, is choking on Trump’s toxic manure.

Trump opponents likely remember former press secretary Sean Spicer whining in January that Twitter users should stop mocking Trump on social media. With this week’s added threats of prosecution of leakers, and harsh warnings for the media, it seems more and more like Trump is moving towards an authoritarian lock down on First Amendment freedoms. How long will it be before Trump’s generals attempt to shutdown Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to limit online criticism of “Beloved Leader?”

Both the Fourth and Fifth Estates have distinct and necessary objectives in maintaining the future of America’s democracy. If the nation is to emerge from the Trump era with its rights and freedoms intact, the press and social media communities must focus their efforts and resolve. They must strive not to cave under the regime’s threats of punishment for mere acts of patriotism. It is essential that the media, with its access to leaked information, the country’s leadership, and trusted sources continues to expose and inform each American of Trump’s every step and misstep.

No less important are the millions of mothers and fathers, professionals and students, and late-night-bloggers, who, unpaid and oft not rewarded, lay their opinions and observations bare for the global digital community. Collectively, anti-Trump sentiment runs as deep and wide as the oceans, and includes individuals from all walks of life associating with each other via hashtags like #TheResistance, #ImpeachTrump, and #25for45. It is an empowering and driving force for change that unites a nation whose people value their rights and freedoms.

Any daily Twitter user could likely offer expert opinion on why a nation like China banned the world’s most popular communication platform; and why Donald Trump is so scared of it — despite relying on Twitter to reach fan club members with his self-styled “truths” each day between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.

08062017 Siskind
Amy Siskind’s list is growing exponentially.

For those who are skeptical about the direction in which Trump and his generals are taking the nation, follow the lead of Amy Siskind. A former Wall Street executive who is the co-founder and president of The New Agenda, Siskind began documenting the minor changes in America following Trump’s rise to power. For 37 consecutive weeks, she has been posting weekly additions to her long and detailed list of authoritarian style changes that she has noticed. Each post has the ominous caption that advises to keep the list “so you remember.”

Siskind’s list has grown to a book-length read as she scrutinizes the Trump regime at every move. Hers is a valuable lesson for Americans who may be too busy, too distracted, and too careless to understand that coups do not always happen overnight. The subtle changes that Siskind documents are worthwhile concerns and warnings for each person who wants to not only remember, but also not have to rely on memories of freedoms we take for granted.

Trump has been in office for six months and the most notable change is the atmosphere of hostility, anxiety, and fear on every corner in America. There is a sense of uncertainty that cannot be qualified or quantified for many, but it lingers ominously. While it is difficult to identify a gut feeling, an air of danger is often the best indication that something is not right — and when the wolf if prowling at night, just because you do not see it, does not mean it is safe to close your eyes. If you are tired, America, sometimes making lists is a good way to stay awake…

The Daily Dog: Until the Ink Runs Red

After a six-month battle with an orange-jaundiced cancer, Democracy took her last breath yesterday. She was 241-years-old. She leaves behind a battered Constitution and its Bill of Rights, a tattered Declaration of Independence, 50 somewhat united states, 300 million lives, trampled liberties, and dying dreams of the pursuit of happiness. Lady Liberty cried at the announcement of Democracy’s death while 40,000 Boy Scouts cheered for her killer.

Trump BSA 07252017
Trump to Boy Scout gathering: “Be Prepared to be Dictatored!”

Every time sane and patriotic Americans think the nation’s situation cannot become any worse, Donald Trump proves that there is always a baser attack, tweet, or policy waiting in his dark and corrupted skull. He began a new week demonstrating to the public how refreshed his vile nature was after yet another weekend of golf.

Trump began tweeting yesterday at 3:40 a.m. and railed throughout the day on his favorite social media platform, spewing ideas and statements as fake as his plastic yellow hair and spray tan. His first tweet of the day attacked the press.

Take a step back — like a parent walking in on a surreptitious party — and say, “What the fuck is going on here?”

A simple twittertack was not enough for Trump’s ego on Monday; and by midday, he was verbally scolding reporters and misleading interns about the value of the free press. When a reporter interrupted Trump’s repulsive canoodling with a 20-something female intern, Trump unleashed the original Bad Grandpa and ordered the reporter to be quiet. He then went on to tell a class of young political interns about some imaginary rule that had been violated.

Trump Intern 07252017
Trump’s Monica Lewinsky moment.

As disgusting as Trump’s pea-cockery surrounded by young women was, it paled in comparison to his prancing before a crowd of children in West Virginia. In Hitler-like fashion, Trump used his speech to an innocent group of youngsters to betray his oath of office, the nation, and every fundamental and democratic American value.

By whipping the Boy Scout crowd into an Obama hating frenzy that chanted, “We love Trump,” Trump inflicted a generation worth of damage today. He ruined a group of impressionable young boys — who likely have taken an oath to their country and learned about the Constitution while earning a citizenship badge — by turning them unwittingly into pawns of his ego. Trump continued his theme of the day by telling the scouts how terrible the free press is.

If your blood is not boiling yet, let that simmer for a moment. The self-appointed leader of America — once a land fertile with democratic rights and ideals — told a group of children that a basic premise of the First Amendment is their enemy…And then he asked them for loyalty.

We have tried and constrained ourselves to be correct, to be analytical, and to not sink to Trump’s level of ignorance and misguided lack of education. However, there comes a point when any person with a modicum of knowledge about history and democracy has to take a step back — like a parent walking in on a surreptitious party — and say, “What the fuck is going on here?”

In 1729, one of nation’s most venerable founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette. He did not only own the paper, he published numerous articles under a variety of aliases and encouraged thought by penning some of the country’s first political cartoons. Franklin knew and understood the value of the press.

Beyond news of the day and commentary, Franklin used the Gazette as an educational vehicle, too. From time to time, the Gazette published important documents from our nation’s founding: the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and others. He printed them in their entirety for average citizens to read, contemplate, and appreciate.

It was a good idea then, and a better idea today.

Every paper in America should begin taking away column inches from Trump’s ranting and raving and dedicate a front-page section each day to a portion of some rational and legitimate revival of the democracy we are losing. As a nation, we have entered dangerous territory with Trump. It is one thing to rile the adults, but it is an entirely different crime when Trump uses our children to destroy.

If our elected representatives in Congress cannot, or will not, curb the tailspin, then the Fourth Estate, and its growing sibling, the Fifth, are America’s only parachute and safety net. We must revive Democracy. We must resist, denounce, educate, and print the truth…until the ink runs red.

#Covfefe Solved!

On Monday, the White House claimed that it was “utterly ridiculous” for anyone to infer that President Trump attacked London’s mayor because the mayor is Muslim. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders was too quick to respond when asked about Trump’s tweets criticizing Mayor Sadiq Kahn. The knee-jerk denial was strong enough to kick her credibility out the door where it almost hit a cowering Sean Spicer.

Trump and Kahn have been sparring in the media since the beginning of both their political campaigns almost two years ago. Kahn took early exception to Trump’s “ignorant” view of Muslims; and Trump took an exception to…well, Kahn’s religion. Then candidate Trump intimated that Kahn was an “exception” to the rule among Muslims and how the Travel Ban would affect him if the mayor visited the United States.

Yet, the White House continues to treat the American public like a mindless herd that will eagerly consume and digest any statement, opinion, or denial coming from on high. Trump has not only insulted Mayor Kahn and other European leaders, but he humiliates every person in the United States daily in assuming they are not intelligent enough to connect the dots in the administration’s path to ruin.

#Covfefe 06062017
Tiny hands and a big mouth make Trump a double threat in the Twitter dominated media world.

It was only a few weeks ago that the president wished the “many losers” in the country a happy Memorial Day on Twitter. On the heels of his criticism and “pathetic” tweet regarding Kahn, it is neither ridiculous nor a stretch to see the president for what he is: an inflammatory blowhard — the original agent provocateur.

Trump ramped up to his hasty presidential campaign crushing dreamers on national television by yelling, “You’re fired!” Millions of Americans tuned in each week filled with glee and anticipation to see which apprentice’s failings merited Trump’s ire. How happy they must be now that Trump is calling them losers and heaping his scorn on the public. America created this monster, and America must work together to contain him.

Once in office, Trump continued his role as the inciting agent by encouraging his appointees to do his bidding and then disowning the consequences. For Trump, failure is familiar and embarrassing, and he is fearfully incapable of owning it. He is never at fault and has an answer for every moronic debacle — or he sends one of his minions to their doom in having to lie and make excuses for him. (Try saying, “Cover for Me,” after a shot of tequila or when you are exhausted.)

#Covfefe launched the Twitterverse into a bigly Conundrizzy…

Contrary to the White House propaganda, what is utterly ridiculous at this early point in the Trump presidency is that it is not ridiculous to assume or infer anything. In almost every instance of Trump’s incoherent tweets, unscripted speeches, and blustery promises, the not-so-hidden meanings eventually turn out to be quite transparent and true. A ban that is unequivocally not a ban is later proclaimed loudly and openly…as a ban.

Trump is raw, unfiltered, frustrated, and spoiled. He has difficulty containing his intentions and emotions. He is driven to express what Trump wants to say because he believes that he is right, everyone else is wrong, and he is thus superior.

A majority of his tweets contain emotional language, capital letters, and exclamation points. It is not at all unreasonable for the public to interpret the meaning of his excited utterances as what is most obvious the truth at the moment. However, what is unreasonable in this new era of political chaos is for the president and the White House staff to assume that Americans are somehow less intelligent today than yesterday. Simply because an idiot leads a nation (or pretends to), does not make it a country of idiots — the same way not every American is a bigot, racist, or even a small-time orange billionaire.

Mythical Gryphon Slays Trump

On Wednesday morning, it was evident that America’s Tweeter in Chief was off his meds again. Following a convoluted drunk-text shortly after midnight that resulted in the “#covfefe” intrigue, Trump went on an early morning rant against comedian Kathy Griffin. Earlier, Griffin had posted a tweet in which she held an effigy of a wigged and bloody orange head. It bordered on tasteless, but was in all honesty obviously fake. With the Trump family’s keen ability to sniff out fakeness, the photo should have been quickly identified as not the real Donald Trump.

An effigy of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is burnt as part of  bonfire night celebrations in Edenbridge
This is a FAKE Trump. No Trumps were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Instead, during one of his first tweets of the morning, Trump said, “My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!” First off, most of Trump’s children are gown adults who, recently appointed to security-clearance level White House positions, are surely able to distinguish an effigy from the real thing. Secondly, those same adult children must, in the wake of the administration’s circus-like criminal conduct, understand politics is ugly. If they are unable to accept the harshness of politics, then they have no place in Washington, D.C.

For Trump’s offspring born to privilege, pampering, protection, and private schools, it is likely Griffin’s comedic attempt did push the envelope of their delicate sensibilities. To Griffin’s credit, she apologized shortly thereafter, admitting that perhaps her parody had gone too far. Her apology is more than the American public can expect from Trump for his indiscretions and the damage that he is doing daily to children across the nation.

In the context of leader of the country, Trump has an assumed moral duty to act in the best interests of the nation’s children. They are the weakest, often without voices, and in greatest need. However, as he has with almost every issue of importance, the president instead demonstrated that the only concern in Trumpington is Trump.

Trump rebuked Griffin for her lack of taste because it may have marred his youngest son. The reprimand comes from the same leader who has refused to protect the interests of America’s poorest children. By not demanding a balanced budget that includes fully funded public welfare programs to families, Trump committed 15 million times more harm as Griffin. In demanding the repeal of Obamacare and coverage for low-income families, the president turned his back on those who need him most: the ailing children of America who live in poverty.

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, a joint organization of Columbia University and the Mailman School of Public Heath, almost 25% of all American children live below the federal poverty line. When the government’s outmoded poverty standard is adjusted to account for the necessities that a family of four requires to subsist, the percentage of at-risk children rises to 43%.

In America, living in poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s welfare. Children represent one-third of all people in poverty — the largest group of any age category. For them, a “hard time” does not include seeing a violent effigy of a parent, but it may mean being witness to a parent’s violent death. Those children do not worry about their parent’s safety in the most secure mansion in the world, but wonder if the gunfire outside will reach them while they sleep.

For children in poverty, bloodied effigies of loved ones are not fake news: they are the reality of life. Living in poverty stunts a child’s ability to learn, thrive, and succeed. Insufficient income contributes to children having to confront a broader range of physical and psychosocial stressors — violence, in and out of the home, drugs, residential instability, and a lack of food and nutrition.

The president’s agenda and programs offer no support, solutions, or even diffident concern for millions of children who will suffer a hundred times what Barron can only imagine because of a fake photo. They will suffer more than Chelsea Clinton did when Donald Trump called for fans to exercise their second amendment rights against her mother. They will suffer more than the Obama daughters did when the Trump assailed their father and cheered rallies for admirers who burned Barack Obama in effigy.

Griffin: fierce, but apologetic.

It is difficult to feel sorry for any of the president’s children because of a cartoonish image of Trump in a photo. Moreover, it is even more difficult to generate sympathy when Trump is shamefully using his son as a shield to deflect his detractors instead of bearing the burden of criticism like a man. It is a sign that Trump will sell out anyone.

Kathy Griffin may have crossed a line, but it was a very fine line. The country is staring down its worst crisis in nearly a century. Griffin at least had the conviction to express herself without hurting anyone, which is more than can be said for the unprincipled damage Trump’s policies portend for America’s forgotten children.

The Good Flag

Memorial Day. The flags go up — many for the summer — and the red, white, and blue bunting adorns small towns across America. For many, the patriotic displays and Old Glory fluttering in the summer breezes are nostalgic reminders of an era before Trumpism. They are reminders, for those who respect what America stands for, of the values of leadership, integrity, and fundamental equality and tolerance that the country stands for.

Flag 05302017
Is America crying for help?

There is a fine line between enthusiasm and extremism. One the one hand, patriotism, unity, and confidence bolster a country’s morale and prominence; and on the other, radicalism, intolerance, and fear spread discord. Donald Trump’s rapid ascension to power in the United States has been an unfortunate lesson in extremism. Trump has contributed to the rise of a new homegrown American Taliban-like radicalism.

For almost two decades, the American military has been fighting ceaselessly against an army of extremists in jacked-up, flag-flying pickups that threatens to destabilize the Middle East. Women and men alike have sacrificed their lives as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons to battle intolerant and oppressive guerrillas. In addition to depriving individuals of rights and freedoms, the austere and radical interpretation of Islam promoted by the Taliban stokes regional and national rivalries that contribute to a divide-and-conquer mentality.

ATali 05302017
Innocent fun or more sinister intentions?

Trump’s Taliban-mimicking army of warriors do not wear turbans or speak Arabic, and only some wear beards, but like their counterparts, many of them can be spotted in jacked-up Fords and Chevys with American flags flying. Trump’s personal militia terrorizes towns and neighborhoods across the country — using brash intimidation in the name of patriotism to sow intolerance and fear. They holler and shout, just like their leader, but say little. They demean women and ridicule opponents. They promote xenophobia and bigotry. They resort to base violence and thuggery. They have forgotten and deserted every decent and fundamental value that their ragged fluttering flags stand for.

No one has a right to America because they pay taxes, were born in the United States, or fly a flag. Men, women, and children of any race, color, creed, or nationality have a right to America because of the foresight and wisdom of three dozen men who had a vision when they signed and enacted the Constitution. They have a right to America because of what America is — a symbolic and historical refuge of equality and acceptance.

As enthusiasm and extremism engage in an epic battle for America, individual actions, and not Trump himself, will ultimately dictate the nation’s future. There is nothing wrong with flying a flag proudly for Memorial Day or for every day.

However, the extremist flies the flag as a warning to immigrants; to scare and shame his neighbor into abandoning her political views. An enthusiast flies the flag to welcome the weary as an open door; to invite debate as a symbol of American political, ethnic, and religious diversity that accompanies its freedoms. An extremist flies the flag to silence the press, and an enthusiast flies it in hopes that more opinions will be heard. The extremist uses the flag as a weapon to beat his opponents while the enthusiast uses the flag to raise people up.

As Trump marches through his first term as the anti-president, the nation grows more divided under his regime. It is a nation, where for the first time in its history, the majority is in fear of the minority — afraid to speak out, to express opinions, to disagree. America is a violent place where journalists are beaten for questions and old women are accosted for their faded Hillary stickers. It is a place fostered by Trumpism where pick-up driving, flag-flying extremists threaten the stability of every basic right of each man, woman, and child.

Despite the dark days clouding America, there is hope. The United States is a resilient nation where individual perseverance and optimism prevail. It is a nation that derives its communal strength from personal struggles, and relies on the experiences of hundreds of millions of immigrants, refugees, and travelers. It is a place where two strangers stand up and give their lives to defend a Muslim on a train.

While Trump continues to spew and encourage hate and isolationist policies, Americans should question his words, his promises, his values. They must ask, “Does he stand for the America that we know?” as he belittles rights and builds walls. Besides, what good will all the flags be when there is no press to cover them and walls to prevent the rest of the world from seeing them?

The Spewer in Chief

Not since George H.W. Bush’s infamous trip to Japan 25 years ago has a U.S. President made such a poor impression with America’s overseas allies. When Bush vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa in January 1992, the press reported the incident as one of the most embarrassing moments in U.S.-foreign diplomacy. Many thought Bush would never be out done.

That was before Trump arrived and opened his mouth. In what is likely to go down as the longest episode of remedial retching in political history, Trump’s verbal vomit is a national embarrassment that has not let up since he took office.

Trump had barely returned from his jaunt through the Middle East and Europe when he reignited his insane pattern of dementia-ridden tweets. In the boorish manner America has come to expect from its so-called leader, Trump renewed his shouting on Twitter with attacks on the media. In what has become a common fascist Trant for the past six months, Trump again tried to convince America that all news that he disagrees with is “fake.”

TrumpPope 05292017
Who has a bigly barf bag? Photo: Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

He crowed about his “great” accomplishments in the Middle East and Europe, too. In typical Trump fashion, his tweets are failing in concrete facts, and bigly on simple abstract hyperbole. Trump let America know that “money is beginning to pour in” (to where?), and that he was “bringing hundreds of billions of dollars back” (to his bank account?). Then there were “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” (how many and what kind?) and, of course, the all-encompassing, “big results!”

Most of his announcements convey a certain hollow meaninglessness since Trump’s vocabulary is limited to a few emotion-driven monosyllabic words intended to capture his audience’s attention before he moves on. The president is an elementary school huckster peddling snake oil on the playground. Like all of his Trants and Tritters, most end with Trump’s guaranteed truth serum — an exclamation point.

If the Washington Post or New York Times added myriad exclamation points to their well-investigated and trusted journalism model, Trump loyalists might finally see the truth!

The truth is ugly only five months into Trump’s term. That was evident in the speeches, body language, and photo-ops throughout the president’s first foreign tour. His addresses seemed poorly written and divergent from any core policy. European leaders grimaced in Trump’s presence — when he wasn’t riding in a private golf cart or shoving them aside. Even the Pope stood by glumly while Trump grinned like a Cheshire cat. Never mind the glowing orb of death in Saudi Arabia. From Melania’s hand slaps, to Trump’s pawing gropes at Sara Netanyahu; everywhere Trump went, there seemed to be an awkward churlishness conveyed in videos and accounts of his visit.

Back home in America, it was a week when — despite the administration being embroiled in controversy — everyone seemed breathe a sigh of relief while giggling lightly and saying to one another, “It’s okay…he’s not here.”

The problem with Trump remains that he simply is not presidential material. The office of president is a humbling job where personal gain takes a back seat to altruism, which is a trait Trump could not possibly buy with all his billions. It is a leadership position that requires dignity, self-respect, and tact — each of which was demonstrated by Trump’s hosts throughout Europe and the Middle East.

It is ironic that Trump’s loyalty base is the same demographic that can remember more than just one past president and how they have acted. As far back as Presidents Reagan or Carter, voters should recall how every president of the past 40 years carried himself. They should consider the calm and dignified manners. Think about the thoughtfulness of speech and the use of vocabulary. They should examine how each conducted himself in awkward times. Every single president before Trump has had an awkward moment, but has recovered from it because of their presidential nature.

Trump just gets louder, more obnoxious, and less dignified.

George Bush vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan and made a poor impression across Asia, but he did it humbly and while heroically fighting his body’s natural reaction to illness and stress. If Trump vomited on a world leader, he would do it with anger, blame, and ridicule, followed by loud guffawing like a bad stand-up at his own jokes. At least Bush had an excuse for what came out of his mouth. Sadly, there is no excuse, either for the bile that spews from Trump’s mouth, or for the crude impression that he leaves wherever he goes.

When Silence is Golden

Very few people enjoy reliving traumatic incidents. Generally, unpleasant events that generate fear or pain have an altering effect on human personality and not a good one at that. With this in mind, it is difficult to understand the propensity of some media outlets to continually assail their audiences with unnecessary replays of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Manchester Vigil 05252017
Victims of the Manchester Arena bombing are remembered during a vigil held Tuesday night in Albert’s Square. PHOTOGRAPH BY JEFF J. MITCHELL / GETTY

By its very nature, the news business can often be offensive, but it need not be both offensive and lowly. The search for local connections to major events is an inherent drive in journalism. Perhaps a local person was traveling near a major world event. Friends, family, acquaintances worried about an overseas traveler’s proximity to a news story provide a relevant local source and emotional tie-in.

However, the current media reach for local connections to tragedy often seem neither relevant, nor emotional. What happens in too many markets around the country is “newshound piggybacking.” That a nearby company sells a gun model used by the Manchester police department; or that a local DJ interned at Ariana Grande’s label ten years ago are both grossly irrelevant reasons to replay explosions and scenes of panic. The free press need not be a feral press.

Additionally, repeating the Manchester arena bombing — in either video or audio formats — should be germane to the topic of discussion. A pop-radio morning show listened to by commuters and children alike should not censor the hosts’ banter. None-the-less, a station manager should question and scrutinize why producers would play looped audio of the explosion while hosts tell the audience to pay attention and listen to the bomb go off again.

How desperate for attention must a radio personality be to rely on an exploding bomb for ratings? Listeners are likely to be more responsive and positive to a moment of silence in place of the looped audio of dynamite popping, of panic erupting, of the instant when a child’s life ended.

The sick dramatization of deadly events allows terrorism to spread and strengthen its foothold. Needless hyper-attention gives extremists the platform they seek and shapes an atmosphere of fear. Each time a listener or viewer is assaulted by the sound or image of the Manchester disaster, a tiny change takes place. The pain, fear, sadness, and trauma accumulate. Each addition is a victory for terrorist everywhere.

Silence 05252017The host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe offered strong words to fellow media outlets on Tuesday evening. Joe Scarborough tweeted, “Running clips of terrorized preteen girls in a loop is sick and gives terrorists what they want. STOP turning your programming over to ISIS.” Scarborough’s Tweet followed an earlier one with a link to empirical studies on terrorism and media coverage. The scolding could not be anymore relevant in the present media climate.

There are days when nothing newsworthy happens. There are days like Monday when the worst happens. The media needs to find its balance and not take the lazy path of sensationalism and over dramatization. When the story is over and the bodies are buried, saying nothing can be more of a statement than saying anything…it stops the terror for survivors and terrorists alike.