Hosing Down Trump’s Reality

Last Saturday, the New York Times published a commentary piece written by Nicholas Kristof that only scratched the surface of the Trump regime’s impact on America. Kristof wrote about Americans’ (and the media’s) obsession with Trump, and how causes around the world are being neglected and forgotten because of the collective focus on the antics … Continue reading Hosing Down Trump’s Reality

The Daily Dog: Cancel the Show

On Tuesday night, the big news was not the orange clown Donald Trump taking center stage in the three-ring circus that is the United States government. Though not covered by national news outlets with the gravity it deserved, the most significant story in America was the millions of Resistance members vowing not to tune into … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Cancel the Show

The Daily Dog: The Envelope Please…

On Monday, Donald Trump joined a prestigious group of men and women from several nations with a global reputation for oppression of the press. The Committee to Protect Journalists announced its annual awards for those global dictators and regime leaders who generally come in last when it comes to freedom of speech and the press. … Continue reading The Daily Dog: The Envelope Please…

The Daily Dog: A Web of Greed

The Trump regime took another goose-step down the yellow-brick road of fascism on Thursday as the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules. The rules, another Obama-era accomplishment and clear target of Little Donnie Dotard’s ego, protected America’s free use of the internet as an extension of freedoms of speech, expression, and information. With the … Continue reading The Daily Dog: A Web of Greed