The Apprentice Turns Accomplice

Yesterday, Trump lackey and regime mouthpiece, Nikki Haley walked out of the United Nations Security Council meeting as the Palestinian envoy began speaking. In true regime form that mimicked North Korea’s walkout on Donald Trump last September, Haley’s impudent demonstration and rebuke of the Palestinian Authority further highlights the Trump regime’s growing intolerance and likeness … Continue reading The Apprentice Turns Accomplice

The Black Hole Draining the Swamp

Last week, the White House confirmed that the Trump regime held secret meetings with Donald Trump’s North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-Un. Sometime over the Easter holiday, CIA Director and Trump’s latest right-hand Mike Pompeo travelled to North Korea to engage with some unknown form of talks with the North Koreans. Pompeo joins an elite club … Continue reading The Black Hole Draining the Swamp

The Sunday Dog: Rock Bottom

According to a global survey released on Friday, the United States has ceded its position as the world’s top ranked nation. The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index previously rated the United States as the number one nation in relation to a wide-range of categories. In 2017, following Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, America dropped … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: Rock Bottom

The Daily Dog: Oppression’s Tiny Steps

Last Friday, the government of President Robert Mugabe jailed an American journalist in Zimbabwe. Officials charged Martha O’Donovan with subversion and attempting to overthrow the government after she allegedly tweeted a comment deemed offensive by Mugabe’s watchdogs. Police raided O’Donovan’s apartment in the capital of Harare early Friday and seized her cell phone and laptop. … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Oppression’s Tiny Steps