Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

There is a growing humanitarian crisis in America precipitated by Donald Trump and his regime of hardline nationalistic xenophobes — most of whom have little or no experience in public policy and have spent their self-satisfying existences trying to get rich in one manner or another. As Trump returns from yet another excursion in what … Continue reading Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

In the grand scheme of global weaponry, while nuclear and chemical weapons are thought of as the greatest evil, none is more despicable than the use of children as tools for leverage, combat, negotiations, or punishment. Despite the unethical and atrocious nature of weaponizing children, it is a daily occurrence internationally and domestically. As every … Continue reading Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

The Daily Dog: Shut Him Down

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he would “love to see a shutdown” of the federal government. It is the first time in Washington politics that the idea of a federal shutdown has been weaponized, but it’s not the first time that Donald Trump has shut down people’s livelihoods and existence...There’s Trump’s shuttered casinos, failed real … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Shut Him Down

The Daily Dog: Remember the Alamo!

As the Trump regime bumbles into a second year of chaos and discord, cities and states across Free America are beginning to coalesce into a formidable resistance to the Trump agenda being dictated from GOP held Washington. What began as a coastal movement has surprisingly migrated into the outskirts of Middle America. Last week in … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Remember the Alamo!

The Daily Dog: Not a One Man Apprentice Show

Decades before the Trump regime, and years before Sanctuary Cities were necessary and chic, San Francisco passed the City and County of Refuge ordinance in 1989. The law prohibited city employees from using city funds or resources to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement from executing federal immigration law. Four years ago, the city added to … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Not a One Man Apprentice Show