Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

There is a growing humanitarian crisis in America precipitated by Donald Trump and his regime of hardline nationalistic xenophobes — most of whom have little or no experience in public policy and have spent their self-satisfying existences trying to get rich in one manner or another. As Trump returns from yet another excursion in what … Continue reading Trump: A Humanitarian Crisis

Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

In the grand scheme of global weaponry, while nuclear and chemical weapons are thought of as the greatest evil, none is more despicable than the use of children as tools for leverage, combat, negotiations, or punishment. Despite the unethical and atrocious nature of weaponizing children, it is a daily occurrence internationally and domestically. As every … Continue reading Trump’s New Dirty Bomb

The Apprentice Turns Accomplice

Yesterday, Trump lackey and regime mouthpiece, Nikki Haley walked out of the United Nations Security Council meeting as the Palestinian envoy began speaking. In true regime form that mimicked North Korea’s walkout on Donald Trump last September, Haley’s impudent demonstration and rebuke of the Palestinian Authority further highlights the Trump regime’s growing intolerance and likeness … Continue reading The Apprentice Turns Accomplice

The Sunday Dog: Rock Bottom

According to a global survey released on Friday, the United States has ceded its position as the world’s top ranked nation. The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index previously rated the United States as the number one nation in relation to a wide-range of categories. In 2017, following Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, America dropped … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: Rock Bottom

The Sunday Dog: A Nation’s Shame

Yesterday, a Wisconsin jury determined that a 15-year-old girl was mentally ill when she participated in the 2014 stabbing of a classmate. Authorities charged Anissa Weier with second-degree homicide when she was just twelve after she and a friend lured another girl to a secluded area and stabbed her at the behest of a fictional … Continue reading The Sunday Dog: A Nation’s Shame

The Daily Dog: Bending the Bars

Yesterday, a panel of the California Parole Board agreed to grant parole to one of the state’s most despised convicts, Leslie Van Houten. The 68-year-old former Manson cult member has been in prison for over 40 years and has been denied parole over 20 times in the past two decades. Described as a “model” prisoner, … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Bending the Bars