Sacks and Stones

In response to the dramatic number of school shootings across the United States, districts around the country are taking drastic measures to keep students safe. Following the last significant school massacre in Parkland, Florida, teachers and administrators are enacting knee-jerk policies that do little more than pay lip service to frightened parents and pupils. Most … Continue reading Sacks and Stones

200 Minds Held Hostage at Pennridge High

On Saturday, 200 brave, patriotic, dedicated, and focused leaders of tomorrow sat in detention at Pennridge High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Northeast of Philadelphia, Bucks County is home to some of the highest rated school districts and communities to live in the nation and a perennial republican stronghold. The county’s politics could be one … Continue reading 200 Minds Held Hostage at Pennridge High

The Daily Dog: Trump’s Mashed Potatoes

Last week, the controversy du jour for the Trump regime was its reaction to criticism by ESPN host and reporter Jemele Hill. This week, the discussion continues as Donald Trump chastised ESPN on Twitter and later moved on to retweeting a violent GIF of him assaulting Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, the ACLU issued a statement … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Trump’s Mashed Potatoes

The Daily Dog: A Hero Among Zeros

This week has demonstrated how Washington politics has long been plagued by the careful use of plausible deniability and the non-answer answer. The top U.S. intelligence chiefs made good use of both evasive tactics during their appearances before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. The hearing turned out to be a tight lipped and contentious … Continue reading The Daily Dog: A Hero Among Zeros

Straight A’s Outta Compton

Today on Good Morning America, ABC honored a group of 2017 high school graduates. A senior from Compton, Calif., E.J. Vaughn, was among those recognized and praised by the morning show anchors. Like many disadvantaged students, Vaughn faced down the obstacles of violence, poverty, and a single-parent household en route to his extraordinary acceptance at … Continue reading Straight A’s Outta Compton