Save the Swamp

The National Geographic Society and other recognized scientific organizations have called swamps among the most valuable ecosystems on earth. Swamps are unique in the delicate balance between land and water. They are strongholds of flora and fauna, full of biodiversity and growth. Millions of years ago, swamps served as catalysts in the creation of coal... Continue Reading →

Digital Flower Power

This week, visual artist and activist Robin Bell elevated the modern art of resistance. An outspoken opponent of the Trump administration, Bell combined creativity, technology, and political messages to accomplish what has only been possible by vandalism in the past. Bell used projectors to cast high-resolution images onto various buildings and monuments around Washington, D.C.... Continue Reading →


If making America great means returning to a time of over-privileged white establishment and mass incarceration, then President Trump’s agenda moved a step closer this week with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policy shift on federal criminal prosecutions. The mid-week announcement rolls back Obama-era administration guidelines on charging and sentencing. Sessions’ directive to federal prosecutors to... Continue Reading →

Blowing Smoke on National Policy

A showdown is looming on the horizon in the growing crisis of the impotence of federal government. States are becoming increasingly resistant to the rule of federal law on issues that have localized effects and individual importance. It is clear that blanket national policy does not always represent the interests of the people from region... Continue Reading →

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