The Daily Dog: Leaking the Truth

On Sunday, “The Hill” reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering administering lie detector tests to the entire National Security Council staff. For the past two months, Sessions has declared war on leakers and is allegedly contemplating lie detectors as a means to weed out anyone who believes Americans still have a right to … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Leaking the Truth

The Daily Dog: The Future is Not Happy

For many students across the nation, Tuesday was the first day of the 2017-2018 school year. Traditionally, it is a day to meet teachers, adjust to a new schedule and prepare for the lessons to come. In many schools yesterday, thousands of American students — and future voters — made a clear statement in support … Continue reading The Daily Dog: The Future is Not Happy

The Daily Dog: Showdown at the D.C. Corral

Living up to his stature, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions said very little during his testimony on Tuesday. After opening statements that painted a dismal picture of the United States as a nation embroiled in drugs, gangs, and crime, Sessions the Napoleonic lawman proceeded to invoke imaginary legal privileges to avoid answering for his own … Continue reading The Daily Dog: Showdown at the D.C. Corral

Save the Swamp

The National Geographic Society and other recognized scientific organizations have called swamps among the most valuable ecosystems on earth. Swamps are unique in the delicate balance between land and water. They are strongholds of flora and fauna, full of biodiversity and growth. Millions of years ago, swamps served as catalysts in the creation of coal … Continue reading Save the Swamp

Digital Flower Power

This week, visual artist and activist Robin Bell elevated the modern art of resistance. An outspoken opponent of the Trump administration, Bell combined creativity, technology, and political messages to accomplish what has only been possible by vandalism in the past. Bell used projectors to cast high-resolution images onto various buildings and monuments around Washington, D.C. … Continue reading Digital Flower Power