About the Dogs

Angela Mullins

Whether it’s directing an aerial shot, or framing the perfect photo of a mountain at sunset, award-winning photographer and Air Force veteran Angela Mullins always sees what others miss. Her patience and ability with a lens helps capture everything from natural beauty to human emotion in their rawest forms.


Tom Mullins

A successful editor, video producer, and director, Tom Mullins is the driving force behind Idea Dogs. With 10 years of national television production experience, a passion for writing, strong visuals, politics, and socio-legal issues, Tom thrives on interpreting client ideas into functional media.


Aerin Bergheart

With a penchant for the things we talk about, but don’t always see, Aerin has a tendency to make the unreal a reality. Currently publishing his first fiction novel, Learning to Swim, Aerin is a creative force who describes his talent as simply, “an idea guy.”

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