The Daily Dog: Thin Ice

We are skating on thin ice…literally and figuratively. As the Northeast part of the nation is about to experience 60-degree temperatures in mid-January, the National Weather Service is issuing flood watches and warnings. Rivers swollen by melting snow are expected to crest with the addition of several inches of rain this weekend. Future ice dancers and hockey skaters are watching the ponds and lakes — that should be imaginary Olympic arenas right now — turn to slush.

Only two weeks ago, Donald Trump was brag-tweeting about record cold weather in New York City for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. As most things related to Trump, his tweets are not aging well since Trump cannot distinguish between weather and climate.


In addition to Trump’s ignorance of atmospheric sciences, the regime is taking a dangerous first step onto the ever-thinning ice by scrubbing climate change from government language. The move reported on yesterday is a clear attempt by the regime to mislead and misinform the public as it goose-steps down a hopeless path of censorship.

When power hungry fascist government elements — like the current group occupying the White House in Washington, D.C. — begin to eliminate common language from history, it is more than an agenda. It is an attack on the First Amendment, democracy, and the necessary transparency of government agencies and leaders.

Climate change is not the only backtracking that the regime’s propaganda ministers have engaged in. Some reports have surfaced that terms related to LBGTQ lifestyles have also met the Trump censors’ eraser. However, the censorship does not stop with mere terminology that Trump finds unfavorable.

When Donald Trump began tumbling down the slippery slope into a rabbit hole of immigration reform yesterday, republican legislators had to toss him an immediate lifeline. The incident occurred during a bipartisan meeting in the White House. When Trump began offering wide latitude on DACA reforms, Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) yanked the leash quickly to get Trump to heel.

Following Trump’s misstep, the White House transcript of the Tuesday afternoon meeting — where cameras were rolling and there is a contemporaneous verbatim recording of Trump’s statements — deleted the offer to start a clean DACA bill with the democrats.

Beyond the minor corrections that are creeping into our nation’s government, Trump himself announced on Wednesday his intent to rewrite libel laws. Apparently the tiny-handed dictator is upset about people calling him a “tiny-handed dictator.” It is no wonder why he earned the runner up of the thinnest skinned oppressor award from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The ice is getting thinner — for our nation’s children who want to enjoy their winter sports and for their democratic futures. The rights that have been guaranteed and expected by our nation for 240 years are being eroded quickly by Donald Trump and those he has installed to do his bidding. If they can erase words that were spoken yesterday, how long will it be before they try to erase the ones that were written with quills on parchment?

N.B. — Readers may note some odd style choices, beginning with the reference to Donald Trump as a “dictator,” or “regime leader” as opposed to the title generously given him by most media outlets. In addition, some capitalization usages may provoke ire because we have removed initial capitals from “republican,” “democrat,” “senator,” or “representative,” when used as a title to refer to a member of “congress.”

These capitalization changes are in protest to the diminished role and therefore title of those elected officials to control Donald Trump’s destructive march across our nation. When We the People have our capitol back, then we will return the capitals to the titles of those who have earned them.


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