The Daily Dog: Trump’s Merry Xma$

Following the disheartening passage of the Trump regime and Republican led tax scam last week; Donald Trump departed Washington, D.C. to celebrate the victory with America’s middle class and demonstrate his more human, compassionate, and educated sides. If you believe that could actually happen during the holiday season in 2017, then you must be one of the people that voted for or paid for Trump’s usurpation of the U.S. government. Other, more educated and socially responsible citizens…read on.

Trump and his GOP cronies held true to their morally bankrupt selves over the holiday weekend as the Orange Dictator hosted donors and…well, donors (because let’s face it, a man like Donald Trump has no friends) at Mar-A-Lago. During a dinner reception on Friday night, Trump crowed about his only piece of legislation in a year by telling the small crowd that, “You all just got a lot richer.”

It should come as no surprise to anyone with enough intelligence not to be star-struck by Trump’s reality TV fame that he could not wait to get out of the White House to congratulate himself. This is the man, who a week ago, was tweeting to Americans that he was solely responsible for bringing Christmas back.


We are actually a bit tired of writing about Trump — about his likeness to Adolf Hitler; about his disregard and disrespect for the U.S. Constitution; about his self-indulgent idiocy, lack of education and refinement, and attacks on American citizens. However, the calling out of Donald Trump as an illegitimate half-breed type of politician is unavoidable in today’s media. Trump and the republicans have their finger in the dyke of public resentment and disapproval and every drop of water adds to the pressure that will eventually break the dam.

Trump serves as the focal point for the ridicule and criticism that is due individually to those who cheer for him with mindless flag-waving. It is impossible to name each woman who glorifies Trump and his misogynistic policies, sexist rants, and sexually predatory nature. There are too many bigots glad to embrace racism, homophobia, and hatred as if they are the guiding principles of American democracy. The rich and reckless, in their ivory towers of luxury and plenty, cannot hear our voices of opposition.

Therefore, we heap our scorn upon Trump because he represents the danger and the immediate threat to our democratic ways of life; of our inclusion; of our intelligence and heart and stamina. He embodies a minority group of Americans who care only about today, about the feeling of reality television fan clubs, and who have lost sight of what the nation represents. He complains and rants back at the media and protesters, and denies all responsibility for his actions while his fans applaud.

On Friday night, another crowd cheered demurely as Trump assured them of their future wealth increases. As Trump and the 1% acknowledged that America had just been duped by the GOP tax scam, the soul of America began evaporating through the rafters of Mar-A-Lago. While Trump and his cohorts congratulated each other with a “Merry Fuck You America,” it is easy to see that Trump’s donors got exactly what they paid for.

Featured Image: Time Magazine

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