The Daily Dog: No Nukes for Donald

It was time for a Hitler-style rally in the heartland of America where white blue-collar workers love Trump the most. In typical Trump lowbrow fashion, he delivered on Wednesday. The propaganda parade included a live, but soon to be declared someday fake, speech to a cheering crowd of the “people that like me best … the workers” who Trump alleges to “understand the best.”

There is a pattern developing with the Trump regime that is very similar to events in 1930s Germany and Adolf Hitler. We have discussed and written about the phenomena of Trump “Campaign” Rallies in the past, but the trend is so predictable and prevalent, that it is time to question whether Trump is fit to continue in his capacity.

He clearly is not.

In the 48-hours before Wednesday’s ego-boost, the semi-senile Trump embarrassed Native American Veterans at the White House; disrespected two senior Congressional leaders; taunted a world leader with nuclear capabilities; alienated and offended Muslims around the globe; and tweet-attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May.

It turned out to be the wrong Theresa May.

On Wednesday night, “Art of the Deal” co-author Tony Schwartz appeared on MSNBC and weighed in on Trump’s fitness. Schwartz claimed during an interview with Chris Matthews that he had inside knowledge of White House staffers’ concerns over Trump’s grasp on reality. According to Schwartz, anonymous inquiries about Trump’s mental state have been made — originating from a White House telephone number — to a psychiatrist. When pressed for details, Schwartz only confirmed that he knows the doctor who has been contacted.

Some political analysts, public observers, and White House Lie Director Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have suggested that we turn our focus from Trump’s minor daily distractions. Instead, they have said, we should be focusing on the more significant things in Trump’s daily circus. We disagree.

If a person is incapable of making the most basic and insignificant decisions, then that person must be questioned on the more important choices. None-the-less, the questioning must begin at the base level. When a child steals a candy-bar from the grocery store, parents do not overlook that choice for an episode of bullying in the schoolyard. Trump’s inabilities to choose appropriate words on Twitter are the forerunners of poor choices vis-a-vis a first strike.

Every minute detail of Trump’s daily life is worthy of scrutiny because Trump proves each morning that he has no impulse control. In that regard, Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet. Efforts to mitigate the damage are already underway.

11302017 TedLieu
If the rest of his colleagues had Rep. Lieu’s courage, America could remain a democracy. (Photo: Rep. Ted Lieu/Twitter)

Following Trump’s Nazi rally Wednesday, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Ca.) rekindled his drive for a bill to restrict Trump’s nuclear authority without a declaration of war by Congress. In January, Lieu introduced HR 669 specifically to prohibit Trump from initiating a first strike. His colleague, Sen. Edward Markey (D-Ma.) sponsored S 200 in the Senate. The bill has been in committee for 10 months while Congressional leaders figure out how to get rich before Trump blows up the planet…and we are only worried about Trump’s capacity to make good choices and set priorities for the nation?

The United States has ceased to be a Constitutional democracy led by a president. Donald Trump precipitated the collapse of the republic in ten-short months as Washington’s leadership stood by scratching their collective heads and wondering how to fleece the American public before it all ends. We have arrived at a time when no one calls for censure of Trump after he tweets fake Islamophobia propaganda (retweeting raw Al Qaeda videos – let that sink in, Donald Trump retweeted Al Qaeda material in the United States: people have been prosecuted for less), or destroys the legacy of Native American war heroes.

It is time for members of the media, political leaders, and everyday Americans to strip Trump of any power and title. It is time to call him “Donald” the same way he disrespects senior members of Congress who have devoted their careers to America. It is time to remove the ‘P-word’ from every headline and news crawl on the globe. We gave up gratuitous titles in America over 250 years ago, Donald.

 Featured Image: MSNBC

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