The Daily Dog: A Pig in Potatoes

WARNING: This commentary, like Donald Trump’s personality, contains graphic language that may be offensive to some readers.

Last October, Donald Trump appeared on CNN and made a statement following the embarrassment of a leaked Access Hollywood tape. During the live broadcast, Trump confirmed the existence of the tape and his lewd and offensive comments. This weekend, reports surfaced that Trump is questioning the authenticity of the infamous tape.

“I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize,” Trump explained during the interview that aired across the nation. He followed the statement with an umbrella admission that, “I’ve said some foolish things,” and even posted the interview clip on his Twitter account.

We wonder…is saying, “I want to be president,” one of the foolish things Trump is referencing, or is it just his bragging about sexual assault?

The Access Hollywood tape of an off-air discussion Trump had with host Billy Bush was leaked last summer. Parts of the leaked audio recordings incriminate Trump for his use of language, treatment of women, and predatory and offensive behavior. He can be heard discussing how his celebrity has given him free license to treat women as disposable objects.

“I am automatically attracted to beautiful (women),” Trump says to Billy Bush, unaware that his lapel microphone is still ‘hot’ and recording. He goes on to tell Bush about his attempts to “fuck” Nancy O’Dell, a married employee of Access Hollywood. Trump’s account of his predatory hunt is both disturbing and disgusting.

“I moved on her and I failed. I did try and fuck her. She was married,” Trump boasts, as if he awards himself special points for such an accomplishment. He goes on to indicate that his practices are likely not isolated to the one incident. “I moved on her like a bitch … When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Despite issuing a thin and mostly insincere admission and apology on CNN, Trump is now reportedly attempting to deflect the legitimacy of the Access Hollywood tape. In his regimes continual gas lighting of America, he is suggesting that the tape was ‘doctored’ weakly claiming it does not represent either the context of the conversation or his actual words.

For the past several months, Trump has already been dismissing and eroding the legitimacy of CNN. Now that the Access Hollywood tape is in question, it will not be long before he tries to deny that he appeared live on CNN to issue an admission and apology.

Trump is a serial liar without a conscience. The world witnesses his flip-flopping and lies on a daily basis. The lies are problematic, but not his only abysmal disappointment as a leader. His moral compass, ideology, value, and behaviors have the consistency of failed mashed potatoes — watery and thin.

There is an element of childish comprehension or senility to Trump’s speech and action. He has such little grasp of what is going on around him and the state of affairs in America that it is difficult to imagine he is of either intelligent or of sound-mind mind. In either case, he is clearly not fit to be in the position he is in. He is a despot clinging desperately to any power base that his tiny hands can claw at, and is likely the basis for surrounding himself with family and close associates.

We live in an era of massive data collection. Every public statement, interview, broadcast, and tweet is archived, saved on devices, and redundantly duplicated across myriad platforms. Yet, Trump blatantly insults America by claiming the very things we witness and store in our memories and smart phones do not exist.

“I’m innocent!” he proclaims. “It wasn’t me!” he shouts. “It’s fake!” The sad part is, in Trump’s mashed potato brain, he probably thinks his protestations are true and accurate. For the rest of us, whose brains are functioning at a rational adult capacity, it is a time to record and store Trump’s inconsistencies as evidence of a time when elephants bowed to a pig as their king.

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