The Daily Dog: Then There Were Two

In June, Donald Trump axed the Paris Climate Accord, declaring that like every other piece of legislation or pact of the previous two decades, “It’s a bad deal for the United States.” In withdrawing from the global treaty, the United States had joined the esteemed company of Syria and Nicaragua as the three countries on the planet that refuse to give a damn about the future of all humanity. Yesterday, President Daniel Ortega changed that as Nicaragua signed onto the Paris Accord.

The United States and Syria now stand alone as unlikely allies ignoring the most devastating threat to the planet — besides Trump himself. Trump is constantly striving to be the best, loudest, and most recognized, yet ten months into his regime’s progress, he has failed to accomplish anything except a blathering display of his own stupidity and ignorance that demonstrate how ill prepared he is to be a dictator.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress “increasingly consider him an untrustworthy, chronically inconsistent and easily distracted negotiator.”

Denying the Paris Accord served as another example of Trump’s vendetta against his predecessors — President Barack Obama especially. The steady dismantling of policies by unilateral executive orders has been the hallmark of Trump’s impotent attempts to fulfill a self-serving agenda of isolationism, pre-civil-rights era racism, and a moronic-level worldview.

Whether attacking terrorism and ISIS, or working jointly to preserve the planet, global efforts command multinational cooperation. In the past several months, Trump had removed or distanced the United States from various global cooperative efforts — Paris, NATO, G7, Trans-Pacific, NAFTA — and replaced long-standing diplomacy with morning Twitter rants as the norm in U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

Throughout government and business, the educated professionals — whose responsibility it is to maintain the nation’s balance while a toddler is in charge — are questioning Trump’s so-called title as a deal-maker. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that Democrats and Republicans in Congress “increasingly consider him an untrustworthy, chronically inconsistent and easily distracted negotiator.”

10242017 TrumpAssad
Allies in ignorance.

There is some irony that America has joined Syria as only one of two nations on the planet that refuse to endorse the Paris Climate Accord. Trump’s counterpart in Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, while his equal in riches and rashness, at least has the semblance of an education in the sciences and should have a better grasp of climate change. Perhaps Assad will finally endorse the Paris agreement simply to spite Trump and emerge as the more informed leader — though such a move may lead to a global IQ challenge from Trump.

Protecting the United States’ interests is a legitimate concern for any American leader. However, in 2017, America’s interests are global interests and vice versa. The future of the globe — access to drinking water, sustainable crops, fresh air, and habitable temperatures — are all national concerns. What does Trump think that building a wall will protect the United States from impending global collapse?  The implied conclusion, regardless of Trump’s motives, is that he does not even comprehend the issues he is making policy to address.

Trump has proclaimed himself a great businessperson capable of making the best deals, but the longer he remains in the public eye in Washington, the more he seems to fail. It may be time to stop thinking of Trump as a great negotiator and instead call him what he is. The Great Bloviator.

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