The Sunday Dog: A Gathering of Wolves

This weekend, a group of former Trump regime staffers initiated a holy war of intimidation against the Republican Party, America, and anyone who criticizes Donald Trump. In what presents as a burgeoning white evangelical American version of the Taliban, Steven Bannon and Sebastian Gorka spearheaded a weekend-long event and fired the first warning shots what evangelicals might call “The Second Coming of Trump.”

Before embarking on another priority level weekend of meetings during a “working vacation” (read: golfing at a Trump property), Trump himself addressed the crowds on Friday, as the Voters Values Summit got underway in Washington, D.C. The annual conference is one of the largest gatherings of evangelical voters and religious political activists — and is the same organization that invites such intellectually stimulating speakers like “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and a town clerk from Tennessee who refuses to issue marriage licenses. Some of the alleged Christian evangelical attendees actually believe the fallacy that a deity sent Donald Trump to create a regime to return the United States to its so-called Christian roots.

10152017 VV Poster
A Voter Values poster reads like a Post Office Wanted flyer for the murder of democracy.

Also attending and speaking at the summit were two former Trump regime advisors. Steven Bannon and Sebastian Gorka both addressed the crowds over the weekend and promoted a Trump-friendly agenda of prayer and Republican bashing.

In a recent interview with Politico, Steven Bannon, the former White House chief of staff, declared a “season of war” on any republican who may have criticized Trump. Among those specifically named, Bannon has identified Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) as a target of his ire. However, Bannon’s wrath is not limited to Trump critics alone, as he appears to be picking a fight with the whole of the Republican Party.

Making a bold statement, Bannon suggested that Trump could win the 2020 election with a landslide 400 Electoral College votes. He has warned Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-N.C.) and others that their failed loyalty to Trump will result in swift replacement in 2018 and urged voters, super-PACS, and other donors to begin withholding funds from McConnell, Corker, and practically every other republican in congress. Bannon’s support of any republican remains steadfast in only former presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.).

Also stirring the ultra-conservative voting bloc was Sebastian Gorka, who left the White House two months ago. Gorka issued a less-than-veiled threat to an American majority that values such constitutionally protected rights as freedom of speech, religion, choice, and the democratic process. Gorka, known for his nationalism agenda, conservative values, and anti-Muslim ideals and policies, departed the Trump regime in August amid controversy over his perceived racist views.

During his address to the Voters Values Summit, Gorka warned America — the liberal majority specifically — that he and other former Trump regime members could inflict more damage as private citizens than could be imagined. Anyone listening to Gorka’s comments must question what kind of damage he is intimating.

10152017 Duck
In Iraq, a religious fanatic with a beard who wants to control the government is called “Talibani.”

What is clear from this weekend’s event in Washington, D.C. is that Trump seriously believes that he is capable and competent enough to survive not one, but at least two terms in Washington. Despite the lowest approval ratings of any of his predecessors, Trump is under the tenuously false assumption that his minority base will be sufficient to sustain his continued bumbling about the halls of the White House.

Prior to this weekend’s conference, there had been discussion on various political talk shows about Trump’s eventual departure from the Oval Office. There is a growing discussion over whether he is impeached or losses the 2020 election, if Trump would willingly walk away according to the letter of the law. An increasing consensus of Washington analysts seem to think Trump leaving the White House could be a problematic situation — like trying to remove a two-year-old throwing a tantrum from the ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese’s.

There is a disturbing fascist element becoming more prevalent and emboldened in the Trump regime. With only nine months complete in a failing four-year term, talk should not be of landslide victories in 2020. Trump’s former advisors and henchmen should not be soliciting massive donations in the name of a successful campaign against the very values, ideals, and democratic processes that have made America the nation it was before Trump. The nation is being invaded and consumed from the inside out.

10152017 VV Pamphlet
A sample of the Sharia-like propaganda distributed at the summit on Saturday.

There is a reason that the founders were wary of our government endorsing any singular religion — like the evangelical Christians who are seeking to control everyone’s rights. It is so no one religious sect, group, or order has a monopoly on the government and the freedoms of the nation. The United States military has been fighting for years to ensure that women and men around the world — especially in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan — are guaranteed freedom from persecution by any religiously sanctioned government.

As America continues to support military action in Taliban strongholds where religion governs with an iron fist, maybe it is time for those troops to come home. With the likes of Bannon, Gorka, Trump, and the evangelical right banging the war drums, it will not be long before everyday Americans need the protection of the military more than the victims of the Taliban do. It will not be long before evangelical law is sharia law in America.

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