The Daily Dog: Kneeled It!

Some readers noticed there was no post from the Idea Dogs on Sunday. We did not post anything out of solidarity with the NFL players and others who are “taking a knee” in protest of Donald Trump and his bigoted policies. Out writers’ version of taking a knee was to put down our pens for the day, which has only left us fired up for Monday.

It is a surreal sensation to wake up in America each day and find yourself still alive and your city intact. Between increased militarization of police and their violence against Americans; and Donald Trump (a.k.a. #RocketMouth — keep it alive Tweeps!) and his inane tweeting, there is no guarantee anymore that we will not be annihilated in our sleep before the sun rises on the next day. A year ago, Trump began painting a picture of doom and gloom overtaking America and it is slowly coming true.


09252017 Knee.jpg
On Sunday, entire teams refused to stand for the Star Spangled Banner because of Trump’s anti-American and racist rants. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

We imagine that our present state of anxiety and uncertainty must be similar to what Americans felt in the months leading up to April 1861 when the Confederate Army attacked Fort Sumter. Trump is leading the nation down an ever-narrowing path of choices and his regime is ill equipped to deal with either the domestic or the international threats facing America.


Trump is the type of person who is going to stir the pot until the mini-whirlpool breaches the lip and spills all over the stove. Then, he is just childish enough to walk away from the mess saying, “I didn’t do it.” It is as frustrating as it is scary that, short of a prison cell, it is going to be practically impossible to hold him accountable for the damage he has done to the United States.

Yesterday, hundreds of NFL players, thousands of fans, and millions of television viewers across the nation understood the necessity of protest in this time of crisis. Never before has a lunatic like Trump usurped power in the United States, and never before has the nation’s peoples been called upon to defend the Constitution as we are today. Yet, in the midst of the declining state of American freedom, all Trump could associate was how protests would affect the NFL’s television ratings.


At what point will someone take the reins of this out-of-control stagecoach to crazyland? That Trump cannot attend to the rational and logical duties of his office — speaking coherently on North Korea, the United Nations, or rescue and relief efforts after devastating hurricanes — should be sufficient to spur Congress to action. Yet, the Democrats remain impotent and as disorganized as Trump’s hair in a breeze, while the GOP leadership is making as much sense as a 140-character Trumpism.

A majority of the nation is waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to hang Trump out to dry. However, Congress has the tools and the procedures necessary to prevent additional catastrophic damage to the nation. It is time to use them.

We are no longer merely protesting Trump’s language, his racism, or his fascist authoritarian policies and dreams. We are protesting because we are on the verge of a breakdown of our political and social institutions that have given us our unique place on the planet — a place where we can take a knee, where we can ask for our leaders to act, and where we can

The fact that Donald Trump cannot understand an NFL player’s right to kneel, sit, or lock arms during the national anthem exemplifies his less-than-educated political views. His tirades all weekend about firing players and boycotting the NFL over player’s taking a knee is more damaging to America than any protest.

Anyone has an inherent right in America to stand, salute, sit, or remain silent during the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, or even during Donald Trump’s swearing in ceremony back in January. These rights stem from those granted to every American by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution — the rights and document Trump swore to defend and uphold.

He has done neither.

The question remains for congressional leaders and those with the power and authority to act: How much damage must Trump inflict before you take action? It is time for all of America to take a knee until we have an answer and until we have rescued the United States from Trump’s tiny, yet destructive hands.

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