The Daily Dog: The White Supremacist in the Room

Donald Trump is a white supremacist. We said it and now we are waiting for a call from the the Apprentice president exercising his favorite reality TV tagline: “You’re fired!” While we’re at it, we’ll add a few other comments — if we’re going out, we might as well go out in style.

In addition to being a white supremacist, we believe that Trump is also a fascist and a Nazi sympathizer. He is a liar who has a thin grasp — if any — of factual, legitimate, or rational information about national and international affairs. He is a lackluster leader who is an egotistical self-centered megalomaniac and he is eroding the 240-year-old fabric of American democracy. He is an enemy of the state and he is an ignorant representation of what America strives not to be. Oh, and Ann Coulter tweeted on Thursday that even she thinks it is time for Trump to be impeached. Let that sink in: Ann Coulter — just when you thought a good liberal had nothing in common with the Cruella De Vil of conservatism.

09152017 Hill ESPN
Jamele Hill. Courtesy ESPN

On Monday, ESPN “Sports Center” host and commentator Jamele Hill did what many media professionals and personalities do. She exercised her First Amendment right by tweeting that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Hill made her comment the day after Miss Texas called out Trump during the Miss America Pageant, but Trump said nothing about the white contestant in his show. The controversy surrounding Hill has been gathering steam since Monday evening.

Jemele Hill
Replying to @DonnyParlock and 2 others
Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.
7:54 PM – Sep 11, 2017

Hill’s tweet was part of a larger discussion that originated with comments about Kid Rock’s potential run for political office. Throughout the summer, Rock has been teasing followers with random tweets and often appeals to a base of supporters with images of a Confederate flag. Hill, an African-American, expressed her concern for Rock’s choice of symbolism and the Twitter discussion eventually led to Trump.

There should be absolutely no repercussions for Hill’s tweeted opinion from either the White House or ESPN. What America should be more concerned about is how the White House and Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded during a Wednesday press conference — implying that ESPN fire Hill. Sanders called Hill’s opinion and comment “outrageous” before moving on to more important matters of national and international consequence, like Trump’s obsessive whining about Hillary Clinton or her newly released book.

There is nothing outrageous about Hill’s tweet. The only outrage is the dog and pony show circus act that the White House and Sanders continue to parade in front of the cameras, denouncing Americans like 1930s Hitler propagandists. Both owe America and Jamele Hill an apology for suggesting that her criticism of Trump is an offense worthy of termination.  Since when does the White House make employment decisions for the private sector?

For a regime allegedly focused on putting America to work and creating jobs, the Trump administration is defeating its own agenda by suggesting that critics be fired. If every person with a negative comment about Trump lost their jobs, the nation would witness an unprecedented unemployment rate on par with Trump’s disapproval ratings.

On Thursday, the controversy expanded to include third parties. Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, announced that the organization was filing a complaint against Sanders with the Office of Government Ethics. Dworkin is a frequent guest on MSNBC’s “AMJoy” and an outspoken anti-Trump advocate.

 While Dworkin’s pressure on Sanders is long overdue, the White House and Trump’s continued personal attacks on everyday Americans goes well beyond a question of ethics. It touches on the basic fundamental principles of democracy and a tenet established even before the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Of the government, our founders wrote, “it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it.”

Surely, the founders did not believe that altering or abolishing a government could happen without criticism. However, this is one of the most sinister quandaries of Trump’s rise to power: the child-king interpretation of rules and rights in his unrelenting need for popularity. Trump throws a tantrum each time he is criticized, but is the same crybaby who on 9/11 (and other solemn occasions) disparages Americans who disagree with him by calling them “losers” in half-hearted tweets.

Trump’s naming half of America as “losers” is more detrimental than a single reporter calling Trump a white supremacist. In denigrating the nation’s hard working people with generalities, Trump is doing no more than acting like a childish bully on the playground who cannot think of anything factual to sling at his opponent. Not only is he bad at being good, but he is bad at being bad. Even as a villain, Trump lacks a necessary creativity to his mediocre insults.

So, we’ll say it again for Jamele Hill and half the country’s population because his policies, actions, and speech do not represent anything otherwise: Donald Trump is a white supremacist. And for that, he does not deserve to be where he is today.

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