The Daily Dog: Off to the Races!

It may be early, but with the current political climate in a downward spiral, and no hope of immediate recovery from the Donald Trump and GOP led national disaster, I thought I would make an early endorsement for 2020. If Trump is making monthly campaign stops to stoke his fan base, other political contenders should start planning early. Complacency is what brought America to its knees and it cannot happen again.

While there is a strong movement in the United States to follow the lead of Great Britain, Germany, Liberia, Switzerland, Croatia and 54 other nations, it is wrong to elect a woman president simply because she is a woman. There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton was more qualified that Donald Trump in every aspect of the position, but we do not have to push a woman leader in 2020 for the reason of her sex alone.

There is a bloc still pushing Clinton for second run at the White House, and another faction that is actively pursuing an agenda that America must have a woman leader in three years — Clinton, Harris, Gillibrand, or otherwise. As a father of a growing young woman, I cannot express adequately, the hope that I have for her future where every opportunity is available to her. In the same respect, I worry that if the nation continues to focus on that agenda over the best next candidate to right the ship in 2020; she will lose more than opportunities if Trump or Mike Pence enjoy another Russian-assisted miracle.

The sole priority of every constitution-loving American at this moment must be to defeat Trump — or Pence depending on Trump’s impeachment and endurance — and to reduce the ultra-conservative GOP leadership that is pecking away at our children’s civil rights and futures. If a candidate emerges with charisma, credentials, and a platform of progressive democratic values, and she is a woman, it will satisfy both goals. At this point in time, however, there does not appear to be a best-qualified female candidate ready to lead the charge — and no offense to Hillary Clinton, but there is simply too much baggage in that dream to fly.

American politics is in the throes of a crisis of confidence. The people’s government needs a savior who can move the nation forward and restore Camelot to its former glory. The Trump faction will never be won over and will eventually be lost to the ages — or the next reality superstar. For the rest of the nation’s more educated and concerned voters, there is a certain allure that accompanies nostalgia, and a candidate who is both qualified and hearkens back to a bygone era may be exactly what the nation needs to heal. (N.B. the spelling, Donald).

09042017 Kennedy BW
Young and engaging, Kennedy might be the key to our children’s futures.

A 37-year-old Representative from Massachusetts’ 4th District who has a quiet, yet compelling manner and a background that shames Trump, Pence, and most of the current cabinet shows potential on the political stage. He is a Harvard educated lawyer who can spell, add, and speak a second language — fluent Spanish. (For those keeping count, that is two more than Trump can speak).

Besides a law degree, he was a Peace Corps volunteer, exhibits empathy, is concerned with American families, advocates health care, and is thoughtful, rational, and tolerant in his policy considerations. He is everything that no crony of the current regime is. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he called Trump’s attempt at health care an “act of malice.” He is a strong supporter of civil rights and outspoken advocate for STEM education who encourages girls to participate in all areas of academia.

Role models walk among us every day. They are men, women, transgender, straight, gay, and of varying ethnic backgrounds and religions. I dreamed a year ago of my daughter being inspired by a Hillary Clinton victory. However, I also know that a strong male role model who encourages young women and girls to dream, dare, and do can be an equally powerful motivation.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to endorse Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) for president in 2020. With either Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as an all-Massachusetts ticket, or Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) as a running mate, Kennedy can bring the United States into a more progressive era of politics where women are accepted and respected in the nation’s top offices. More importantly, however, Kennedy can make it a race Democrats can win and put a stop to the GOP nosedive.

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