The Daily Dog: The Insulter In Chief

It is becoming exhausting every night to listen to the evening punditry about Donald Trump attacking the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and his own staff. The mental and emotional drain comes from more than just the constant barrage of his idiocy, but that Trump’s war is not with the 535 members of Congress. He is waging a daily conflict against common Americans.

There are 325 million of us. Even with the minority who voted for him, the rest of America should be able to beat him by sending a clear message. Trump, however, seems as deaf as he is dumb.

Loco Trump 06292017
Trump knows so much, he told the neurologist where to begin the lobotomy.

Though Trump may not send out tweets directly to Melissa in accounting, or Steve at the corner deli, his constant trolling of the nation’s leadership is a form of personal attack on every voter. By implying that legislators do his bidding, and not act on the will of the nation’s people, Trump is sending each of us a very clear message: You don’t count and I don’t care.

On Thursday, Trump demonstrated his theme du jour with a Twitter bombardment of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-S.C.). By mid-morning, Trump was goading and ordering McConnell to, “get back to work and put Repeal & Replace…Bill [sic] on my desk.”

By asking for a bill that has already failed several times, Trump does not seem to comprehend that the House and Senate are not his personal legislating puppets — like he is to Vladimir Putin. Congress is not a body that bends to the will of the president, but to the will of the people. Trump’s ongoing focus and demand for a new health care bill is one example of how his personal wants insult the nation’s collective needs.

Over the past two months, millions of Americans — those dependent on Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, or other health care subsidies and plans — telephoned, wrote, emailed, and appeared in person to demand that Congress not repeal or replace the present system. Amazingly, representatives and senators listened and the bills failed.

Despite the calls, protests, and personal testimonies, Trump continues to bolster his front line against the American public by pushing the health care issue, repeatedly. Whether he is impeached this year or next, or survives another 40 months, Trump will leave office like a broken record repeating the same useless demands, complaints, and false statistics.

Trump’s battering of common Americans is only partly accomplished through his daily Twitter rants. The additional insult arrives whenever he opens his mouth, as he did Thursday afternoon. During a rambling press conference, Trump fielded questions on everything from his transgender military ban, to escalating tensions in North Korea.

Listening to Trump is enough to raise any intelligent person’s blood pressure a dozen points. It is not what he says, but that he does not say anything — and how he does it — that is infuriating. Trump speaks to America in circles and in childish statements that sometimes sound like an elementary school verb conjugation lesson.

In one exchange Thursday, Trump used the verb “to look” four times in less than a minute in one long run-on thought. He looked, was looking, will be looking, and looks at the North Korea situation. That is all he does. He looks at it. A majority of Trump’s other responses follow a similar pattern where he draws attention with one repeated verb, but describes no real action.

When the country is on the brink of a nuclear war, the American people deserve a little more substantive answers than a lesson in the use of “to look.”

The level of insult to anyone with at least a high-school education listening to a Trump speech is painfully appalling. Trump has been speaking his low English to Americans since day one of his campaign. Everyday family members and friends are merely the “little people” that Trump looks down on and imagines are so stupid that he must make decisions for them.

It does not work like that Donald. Americans are not stupid, and we do not want someone forcing their choices on us like we are ignorant children. We want leadership that demonstrates education, tact, and grace under pressure. If you want to control someone to make yourself feel better, or pretend you are some kind of modern deity, go “look” in the mirror. There, you will find an audience in desperate need of control and eager to worship you.

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