The Daily Dog: The Oaf of Office

Once again, the Trump regime propaganda office dismissed Donald Trump’s offhand comments as “jokes,” alleging that his remarks encouraging police brutality were not intended to be serious. It was not the first time that Trump representatives have covered for their boss’s ignorance by claiming the comedian in chief is just a joker at heart. Whether it happens on the campaign trail, or during an early morning Twitter rant, Trump’s joker defense demonstrates his true lack of experience, respect, or dedication to the office he occupies.


08042017 Trump Hair
Trump sports a natural jester look with a wavy cap’ n’bells hairstyle that all clowns love.

For a man who refused to attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Trump has certainly found his funny bone in the past few months. Each time he lashes out and shows the true colors (or lack thereof) of his ignorance, and the critics begin to weigh in, Trump raises his tiny jester-like hands and shouts, “I was joking!”


Another famous Donald, whose first name is Ronald would like to remind Trump that the world is not laughing with him and that he should leave his comedic aspirations to the real clowns instead of being a fake one. Global politics and the national interests of 325 million Americans are not the appropriate inspiration for Trump’s amateur-hour stand-up routine.

“I believe he was making a joke at the time.”

31 July 2017, Sarah Suckabee Sanders replying to a reporter who asked what was funny about Trump’s remarks encouraging police brutality.

In addition to the joking defense, Sarah Huckabee Sanders — whose own career in the Trump regime is truly laughable — continues to present an array of awkwardly thin justifications for Trump’s bad behavior. From jokes to imagined congratulatory phone calls that really happened, but were not phone calls, and thusly, not lies, the White House spin has become an insult to what remains of America’s collective intelligence.

It is not only our intelligence that Trump insults, but also the nation itself. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Trump had boasted to members at his private club that he does not like spending time at the White House because it is a “dump.” At every juncture, Trump predictably maligns the institutions and symbols of liberty and freedom of the country that he pretends to lead. His jokes aside, he is the most un-American person ever to occupy political office or the White House and if it is so detestable to him, perhaps he should leave.

08042017 WH Rainbow
The Russian dacha known as “Trump’s Dump.”


Already, Trump is denying that he made the comments. He tweeted that they are “fake,” but it will only be a matter of days before Trump admits that he was merely making clubhouse “jokes” about the most storied residence in the country — a mansion so rich with history, that most Americans cringe at the thought of Trump’s gaucheness and bigotry poisoning it. The only dumpy characteristic of the White House is the trash accumulating in the West Wing and the Oval Office.

For all of Trump’s ambitions of royalty, he is proving to be no more than a bright orange court jester with an abundance of ill-conceived jokes. As a grand jury convenes in the Russia investigation, it is likely the one person not finding humor in any of Trump’s so-called witticisms is special counsel Robert Mueller. Though Trump may have been giggling in January with his hand on the Bible, America is no longer laughing at the Oaf of Office.

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