The Daily Dog: The Clumsy Dictator

Some parents write fake excuses for their kids when they skip school. Others tweak a book report or science project. The nation learned yesterday that Donald Trump takes the extra step as a parent. He helps his kids write false and misleading statements for the most widespread criminal investigation ever of a White House occupant and his family.

Unfortunately for Trump, his literary endeavors on little Donnie’s behalf will likely earn him more trouble than a plagiarized book report would bring. In the scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing criminal investigation of Trump, dad may have just proven the government’s case. In doing so, Trump is less of a literary genius and more the bank robber who slides the teller his demands written on the back of his own personal check.

08022017 WaPo
The Washington Post dealt Trump another card he couldn’t use to build his next tower.

While authorities pore over the evidence to ascertain the gravity of Trump’s crimes, it is time for the American public to ask themselves serious questions about their leadership. The choices facing the country are not enviable. We have arrived at the point in this electoral farce and administrative debacle where no one is proud to say our leader is either a clownish liar or an inept criminal. In the reality television show broadcasting live to the nation, there is no box to check for “other.”

Trump is not only bad at parenting and writing his kids’ excuses; he is simply bad at, well, everything having to do with politics. Generally, being bad at these kinds of things is not a seriously relevant offense. However, when you occupy the White House and write what may be perjurious notes used as evidence in your own impeachment, you have a problem and so does America.

Beyond his criminal activity, Trump’s hastily scribbled excuse note for Don, Jr. demonstrates that in Trump’s grand scheme of leadership, there is absolutely no plan. It validates the chaotic tweets, White House resignations and appointments, and daily spin as the reality and not the exceptions to the rule of order necessary for strong and focused leadership and stable government.

A year ago, when Hillary Clinton stood at the podium during debates, educated, prepared, and focused, America should have seen the train wreck that is Donald Trump before it crashed in our nation’s capital. As tensions grow in various hot spots around the globe — North Korea and the Russian frontier especially — it is troubling to think that Trump is just making things up as he goes along. Decisions with global implications require the knowledge and studious attention America would have found in Clinton…or anyone else besides Trump.

08022017 Dons
“By the way, dad, our fake dog ate my homework.”

Trump’s biggest failure will be his driving ambition to do everything himself. Looking back in history, there is a lesson for Trump from one of America’s richest and most accomplished men — a man, who in his lifetime built an empire worth 100 times more than Trump’s few billion dollars. He was also a man who recognized that, as a corporate magnate and leader, he had no need to accomplish everything on his own.

Andrew Carnegie believed that “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” Widely respected as a business mogul and one of the nation’s most renowned philanthropists, Carnegie also valued something else that Trump seems to have little use for — books and free public libraries.

In contrasting the two businessmen, Carnegie emerges as the true rags-to-riches story of American opportunity and self-motivation. Trump’s inheritance funded and self-gratifying business leadership style is but an apprenticeship to Carnegie’s greatness, and so is his overwhelming desire to be the sole conceiver of ideas and recipient of accolades.

At the close of Trump’s tenure, his own self-oriented needs will bring his house of cards crashing down around him, but he will immediately blame others. It will be interesting to see whether he blames his own children, whom he has surrounded himself with since the inception of his administration. If he does, his demise will also be a lesson in parenting.

A dad who blames his child for the “F” on the book-report the parent authored has more to learn than his student does. It will not be long before Trump is called to the principal’s office, and when he is, let us hope he is expelled. Without the bully on the playground, we can all get back to making America great again.

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