The Daily Dog: A White House of Cards

At 3:19 p.m. on Monday, Donald Trump tweeted, “A great day at the White House!” The tweet was posted less than an hour after news broke of Anthony Scaramucci’s release as White House Communications Director — just ten days after his arrival and before he was officially sworn in for the position.

With a Trump tweet, no one can ever be sure exactly what he is referencing. A great day at the White House could mean a day when they serve green Jell-O in the circus of the Trump administration. Sometimes, Trump prefaces bad news with a good announcement, which could have been the case Monday.

Crazy Trump 06122017
As the White House chaos mounts, Trump can’t even keep his hair in line. Photo: Albert H. Teich

The Washington Post broke a story on Monday evening saying that Trump composed Donald Trump, Jr.’s misleading statement on his meetings with Russian contacts. If the story withstands the coming assault from Trump and company — which it likely will based on the paper’s storied history — Trump’s days in office may be shorter than he imagined.

For Robert Mueller and his crack team of investigators in the Special Counsel’s office, the task seems to be getting easier. The advantage of prosecuting a person like Donald Trump, a control freak who cannot delegate or allow anyone else’s judgement to supplant his own, is that there will always be a direct line of evidence.

The larger question looming for the country is not if Trump is impeached, or when he resigns, but how do we recover? What is the take-away?

We all get caught in the trap of seeking the immediate answers on the short-term horizon. However, the long-term implications and lessons to be learned from the Trump Debacle (as history books may someday title this era), must be considered simultaneously with the short-term effects. Senators, representatives, governors, and the electorate must be looking farther ahead than tomorrow or next week.

If Trump goes quietly, which may be an unlikely scenario — unless he can be cajoled out of office with a party and slaps on the back to assure his ego of his inexorable popularity — it would be the best possible outcome for America’s future. The ease with which he leaves must not lull the public and the government into a false sense of security that disaster has been averted. As a nation, we must contemplate and prepare for future iterations of Trump, because he will not be the last megalomaniac to seek office.

In the event that Trump, a man who likes to surround himself with power, generals, and loyalty, decides not to abide by any decision of Congress in impeachment proceedings, there would be a desperate push to close any loopholes in our electoral system. The push must be just as vigorous for the former scenario as well as the latter.

As an avalanche of evidence begins to crash down around the White House, Trump may be correct about it being a great day…just not for him. Any return to normalcy is an achievement for the American people and for the country itself. Trump might Make America Great Again and maybe we will not have to wait four years for him to do it.

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