The Daily Dog: A Hole in None

Yesterday, Donald Trump made his 43rd trip to a Trump-owned golf course since taking office in January. White House pool reporters noted his motorcade’s arrival at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. shortly after 9:30 Sunday morning. His agenda for the day was unclear, but he was seen wearing one of his signature made-in-China red ball caps.

Trump Golf 07312017
“Now what do I do?” Photo: Press Association via AP Images.

For a man who criticized President Barack Obama for playing too much golf, Trump’s time on the links has outpaced not only Obama, but Bush and Clinton as well — and almost cumulatively, too. In fact, Trump plays so much golf, he has inspired websites that track his play and Twitter users cannot stop tweeting about Trump’s visits to his own clubs. With Sunday’s trip, Trump’s bill to American taxpayers for security and transportation is estimated to be above $60 million.

Between golf and Trump’s other favorite pastime — early morning Twitter rants — it would seem he has little else to do, including signing a Russian sanctions bill that has been sitting on his desk. Most observers are quick to criticize Trump’s golfing and tweeting as malicious wastes of time, but his habits may be interpreted to reveal another alternative.

Trump has resigned himself to losing and has given up all interest in the White House.

As frequently as he has played golf, Trump has also tweeted complaints about Hillary Clinton, fake news, the media, Obamacare, and a tiny handful of other not-so-relevant topics in the global sense. He has rarely tweeted an original thought or diverged from the same sour whining. Occasionally, Trump will let loose a rare foray into some new territory — like his transgender military ban — but the essence of his ramblings remain closely focused on hate, thoughtless, and of limited intellect.

In between tweets, Trump manages to play golf with the same rudimentary skills with which he attempts to be an apprentice in the White House. This weekend, despite Russia’s threats to expel American diplomats, another North Korean missile test, and outrage over his comments to a police gathering, Trump calmly tottered off to one of his private sanctuaries and ignored the country’s — and every American’s — problems.

This is clearly not a man with an iota of concern about success in his current position. Stale tweets and equally stale golf outings indicate the dispassionate nature of Trump’s waning love affair with the Oval Office. He is a man who knows that no dose of Viagra will revive or provide the passion of the relationship he once fantasized.

Donald Trump is proof that though a person can make millions after bankruptcy, once morally bankrupt, an individual has no value.

Trump’s ignorant and stubborn refusals to compromise, accept criticism, see the larger picture, and play nicely with the coordinate branches of government are resignations — either conscious or subconsciously so — of his own narrow abilities. Defeat assumes many faces — from sore losers to lone sulkers. Trump seems to have traits of both, swinging from tantrums to withdrawals to the nearest Trump National Hack Links.

While Trump’s outings and tweets give us all something to write about and criticize, his apathetic response to his failing political ambitions may not deserve so much scrutiny. Each time Trump finishes a round of golf, he realizes his career as a politician is one step closer to the 19th hole — and he knows there are no trophies waiting at the clubhouse of history.

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