The Daily Dog: A Winning Week

It was a good week to be a part of the Resistance in America, and what made it even better is that it was a tough week to be Donald Trump. As the week ends, we look back fondly at the events we celebrated that ease the tension and frustration of six months of the Trump regime.

Late breaking news of Trump failures…Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare in late night Senate session fails in the wee hours of Friday morning and military officials reject Trump’s announced LGBTQ hating TransBan saying ALL troops will continue to serve and be treated with respect.

Each of these tiny victories left a bright orange slap mark on the Donald’s cheek and had him ranting and raving at White House televisions. It is possible that the end could be nearer than we thought.

No vacancy for Trump at the mountain.

Nury Goes Home

Nury Chavarria is at home today with her 9-year-old daughter and three other children. The single mother, who had sought sanctuary in a New Haven, Conn. church since last Thursday, was granted a stay of deportation by an immigration judge.

Despite living in the United States, working, and paying taxes for 24 years, ICE officials had ordered Chavarria to exit the country in less than 30 days and leave her children — all U.S. citizens — behind. A function of Trump’s xenophobic cleansing of America, Chavarria’s deportation order arrived without any reason or justification for its suddenness.

A wave of public support rose for the Guatemalan mother and yesterday, she left Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Church to reunite with her children. Her freedom is reassuring to those Americans who know the nation can still be a beacon of liberty and opportunity.

Be Prepared for Anything

For the first time in history, the Boy Scouts of America were forced to apologize to the American public for sponsoring a president’s speech. Already facing an image crisis, the BSA released a statement on Thursday to say sorry for being unprepared for the shitstorm that Donald Trump unleashed at the organization’s National Jamboree in West Virginia.

A national tradition for seven decades, the scouts had no idea that Trump would turn a 30-minute goodwill speech into a political tirade laced with hatred for Barack Obama and stories about orgies on yachts. Who would have thought that Trump would look upon a crowd of innocent children and see his own version of the Hitler Youth? Only a few minutes into his speech, he had the audience of 40,000 citizenship badge-earning boys booing past presidents and chanting, “We love Trump!”

However, not everyone was buying the naïve apology that surely had Trump blowing his top back at the Oval Office. Pending deals between AT&T and the Trump administration left more than a few critics connecting the dots between Trump’s appearance and current BSA leader, Randall L. Stephenson — chairman of AT&T.

The Mouse that Roared?

Despite early week pressures from Trump, Jeff Sessions remains attorney general. The little man from Alabama who followed Trump throughout his campaign like a sideshow puppet refused to bend to Trump’s harassment. Despite his own evil tendencies, it is difficult not to like Sessions for standing up to his boss.

Not only did Trump fail in forcing a senior administration official to resign, but his threats and intimidation of Sessions finally touched off a republican revolt. For the GOP, it has not been problematic when Trump attacks minorities, immigrants, women, and alienates the United States from the rest of the world.

However, when Trump attacked Sessions, Congress (Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell excluded) finally found the remnants of its backbone — lashing out at Trump with handfuls of wet spaghetti noodles. Many GOP senators and representatives may have done more, but are finding it difficult because it is impossible to be heard over the hammering of nails in party’s coffin.

Russian to Kill

The impunity with which Trump attacked Sessions may have led to a 98-2 senate vote approving sanctions against Trump’s favorite oligarch compatriot, Vladimir Putin. The White House had spoken out strongly against any Russian sanctions, but the senate bill enjoyed widespread bi-partisan support with a veto-proof majority. A similar version also sailed through the house at 419-3.

The sanctions issue sets up a new showdown between a seemingly frustrated congress and the children running the Trump White House. The prediction is, someone is about to be spanked. Trump already failed to shove an Obamacare repeal down America’s throat, and it is likely he will not be able to stop the sanctions bill.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas — Except Rick Perry’s Brain

On the lighter side, Trump’s energy secretary, former Texas governor Rick Perry spent nearly a half-hour on the phone this week with the prime minister of the Ukraine. At least that is what Perry thought when Russian pranksters called his office and talked to him about energy policies.

Perry reportedly told the Russians that he would like to know more about the “scientific development” of a fuel based on home-brewed alcohol and pig manure. It seems that Trump’s political reality show is a never-ending source of hilarity in Russia, earning higher ratings there than Trump’s approval numbers at home.

Better than an Episode of Real Housewives

Finally, while rats jump ship, Rex Tillerson is nowhere to be found and James Mattis is on vacation, Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci has managed to make former and present press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Hucakbee Sanders look like geniuses. Beyond that, Scaramucci is making his own boss look bad.

The foul-mouthed slickster has better hair than Trump, more exciting hand gestures, and hangs a cheap suit more fashionably. It will not be long before Trump tires of Scaramucci’s style.

Oh, and then Trump had a rally in Ohio where he said he should be on Mount Rushmore…but that’s just crazy talk.

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