The Daily Dog: Congress Moves to Cut the Umbilical Cord

Congressional leaders are finally sending an overdue message of resistance to Donald Trump by agreeing on legislation to limit his powers on future sanctions against Russia. The bill, scheduled for an early week vote, is expected to pass before landing on Trump’s desk in what will likely be another contentious moment between legislators and a delirious apprentice dictator.

A key piece of the legislation surrounds Congressional oversight and control over any future revisions to the proposed sanctions. Trump, accustomed to never being held accountable or reporting to superiors, is likely to balk at the included provisions that limit his power.

Trump Putin 07242017
Will Congress be able to break the power of the secret handshake?

In what may have been a cryptic response to news of the proposed legislation, Trump posted a tweet Sunday afternoon accusing Republicans of abandoning him. “It’s very sad that Republicans do very little to protect their President,” Trump wrote late Sunday following his 42nd round of golf since taking office. The tweet followed odd statements made by Trump a day earlier calling on U.S. military personnel to support his healthcare bill revisions so that they would have health care coverage.

The more time that elapses since Trump seized power in Washington, D.C., the more evident it becomes that the 71-year-old executive has little to no knowledge of government policies, functions, or procedures. It does not occur to him that congress does not represent or protect him or his interests, or that military forces should not be politicized. These are harbingers of a totalitarian despot.

Republicans in congress have a duty to the people who elected them — not to Donald Trump. It is more than disturbing that Trump believes that representatives and senators have failed to protect him or any of his equally disturbing proposed policies.

As the Trump regime ages — and not so gracefully at that — it is clear that Trump has a much different perception of his office than is historically expected. He inches closer and closer each day to a power shift that will alter the fundamental structure of the American political system…and not in a good way for the people.

Trump has filled his administration and surrounded himself with friends and family with few relevant qualifications. He has demonstrated a lack of judgement that detrimentally affects his ability to fulfill the oath of office. He has alienated allies and embraced anti-democratic regimes around the globe. He has demanded loyalty from supporters and employees. He has attacked the constitutional rights of the press and the people. Now, he has condemned his own party members for failing to protect him and not the people of the United States.

In every instance, Trump has digressed from traditional and constitutionally defined expectations — veering just a little bit farther from the democratic path established by our nation’s founders. Without corrective action, Trump’s megalomaniacal ideations of power, fame, and fortune have the potential to cripple America.

The pending legislation on Russia sanctions is a baby-step for what has been until-now, an impotent body of 535 elected representatives. It is a pushback against a power-grab that may have arrived too late to right the nation’s course. A truer test of America’s checks and balances will come if Trump vetoes the bill — requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate to override.

Until now, Trump has acted with impunity for the rules of law and constitutionality. America’s position as a global leader and a beacon of democracy demands that Congress not falter at this critical juncture. The time has come to sever the toxic umbilical cord between Trump and Putin and the sanctions bill is the decisive initial step in unmaking America’s first — and last — failed dictatorship.

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