The Daily Dog: No Dogs Allowed!

This week, Donald Trump once again reached into his magic Twitter bag and sprinkled crazy across cyberspace. With no regard for human life or the well-being of any American, Trump called on his Washington minions to forge a new path for health care — “Let it die.” That the self-appointed savior of the nation would callously dismiss the health and safety of millions of Americans is a threatening prospect.

If Trump has so little regard for life, what would stop him from executing more drastic and immediate measures that could harm men, women, and children across the country? He cannot be trusted with anyone’s safety, let alone an entire nation. It is no wonder that Trump is the first White House occupant since President William McKinley not to have a pet dog.

Without offending the cat lovers of the nation, a semi-public residence like the White House simply seems the domain of dogs. Imagine a cat slinking around the Oval Office, sneaking into the Rose Garden, or getting lost in the legendary hidden passages. A cat’s curiosity and independent nature have no place among the hustle and bustle of the daily briefings and other White House events. Most White House dogs, however, are large enough not to be lost in the activity, and relaxed enough to snooze in a corner during meetings like Trump does.

Babies 07202017
Help, mommy! He bit me!

The thought of Trump cuddling with a dog in the White House is as foreign as Putin electing Hillary Clinton in 2020. For anyone who recalls photos of Trump mugging babies on the campaign trail, the pet situation is equally creepy. Trump is the kind of person who would pick out a dog, and it would promptly bite him — much like Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been accused of doing by his boss.

Trump is one of the first American leaders who lacks the qualities that our country has come to expect from someone who runs for political office. The personalities of elected officials run the gamut from sour to sweet. However, we generally expect a modicum of sincerity, humanity, and warmth enough to embrace babies naturally — or have a pet dog. Trump is none of these. He is the anti-politician without any personality whatsoever. He is a plastic-wrapped, spray-tanned, disingenuous, artificial, and unemotional Ken doll without a brain. He speaks without passion or sense, ridicules his critics, and pursues a self-serving agenda of homage to Trump. A dog may be man’s best friend, but for a man without any friends, a dog would be a burden to Trump.

As another iteration of the Mitch McConnell-Republican health care bill crashes and burns, Trump cannot find or say a single kind or reassuring word to the millions of Americans worried about how they will care for themselves or loved ones. Trump fails to understand that his job is about the American people and not about Trump — that position ended last January. If Trump is unable to put that aside, he never should have stood for election, because political office is not about the glory or the self-awarded honors.

While mothers and fathers across the country struggle to make sure their children will be cared for if they fall ill or have an accident, Trump whines about personal attacks and vows not to accept responsibility for his regime’s failures. With every mounting tweet, he exposes how unfit he is for any office. If the Apprentice aspired to something more than reality television — like being a president — Trump should have started small. He should have tried caring for a dog first…before he thought he could care for a country.

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