The Daily Dog: Drowning in the Swamp

As Washington, D.C. swelters through the dog days of summer, the atmosphere in the Trump royal residence must be approaching pressure cooker status. Donald Trump went to the capital bragging about how he was going to “drain the swamp.” The way things are looking for his regime today, it may turn out to be the other way around when Trump finally drowns in the muck of his own making.

Crazy Trump 06122017
Trump is learning how dysfunction takes the fun out of family politics.                     Photo: Albert H. Teich

This week has begun as one of the lowest weeks of Trump’s novice attempt at government leadership and parenting. While he solicits loyalty pledges from complete strangers, Trump clearly has a trustless relationship with his son, Donald, Jr., who in the past few days just cannot keep from spilling the rotten beans on dear old dad.

The spotlight of scrutiny is focusing more closely on Trump, Jr. after he revealed how he would have loved it if Russian government agents provided dirt on Hillary Clinton during a meeting last June. In the midst of the political turmoil in the White House, old Trump family stories are beginning to recirculate.

Last November, a Miami area realtor and DJ who attended University of Pennsylvania with Donald Trump, Jr. recounted a troubling incident on Facebook. Scott Melker said that he posted the account before the 2016 election because of his concerns about Trump’s erratic temperament. According to Mekler, Trump entered his son’s room and brutally slapped him for not being dressed appropriately. The force of the blow was so hard, that Melker alleged it knocked Trump, Jr. to the floor.

Considering Trump’s frequent tirades and lashing out at opponents, the incident does seem a likely scenario in the context of Trump as not only a bully in politics, but a bully patriarch, too. His temperament shows in angry morning tweets and a loose grip on the realities of government.

Watching Trump’s personal interactions with his children, his spouse, and even world leaders, one can almost imagine a strained and even abusive relationship coming from the man with a short fuse. Trump does not exude warmth or humanity — that a man so fake is constantly attacking the “fake media” is an irony in itself. From his plasticized hair and his orange hue to elementary vocabulary and aggressive yanking handshakes, Trump is a man whose ability to communicate eludes him.

Trump functions on threats and force — whether that force is a slap, a shove, or a misogynist tweet attacking a morning show host.

The discussion about Trump must cease to be one of leveraged blows between liberals and conservatives; democrats and republicans; or any other faction versus any other group. The discussion must be unified by the fact that Trump is simply un-American. He is un-American in a way that has not been cool for over sixty years.

We do not live in 1950. It is not okay to deride women, slap a secretary on the ass, or make lewd comments about a woman’s appearance. It is unacceptable in today’s cultural mix to discriminate against a person because of their skin color, disgrace their religious beliefs, and refuse to accept their identities. The days of hitting children are over, and being a good father has nothing to do with being strong, or silent.

How is it that the man who demonstrates every terrible masculine trait and stereotype of the 1950s is so comfortable embracing America’s biggest enemy from both then and now? Trump should be building bunkers in the White House and screaming about Red invasions.

It is time to let go of the Trump idea, America. There is nothing red-blooded about his actions, his manners, or his leadership and parenting. Trump does not represent left or right when he is abusive — physically or verbally. It does not matter if you are a Trump fan or foe — when he bullies and assaults his own children, that kind of man can never be a president.

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