The Daily Dog: Race to the Finish

As the Senate returned to work on Monday, republicans under the yoke of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) were pressed back into service to rush a new version of the health care bill. The fresh surge to repeal Obamacare comes on the heels of new evidence of collusion which has the Trump regime and republican leadership reeling. Moreover, amid the chaos in Washington, even republican stronghold states are refusing to comply with Trump’s demands for voter data. There is an evident crack in the foundation and the United States may soon witness the Great Republican Schism of 2017.

With Trump’s ivory towers crumbling around them like a house of cards, republicans are under the gun to accomplish what they can before their credibility is buried along with their leader. Over the weekend, the New York Times launched a salvo of incriminating stories focusing on Trump’s son and members of his inner circle. Trump’s camp is squirming and the desperate tentacles of corruption are likely to reach beyond the immediate family he has installed in his nepotic oligarchy.

Tramp 07112017
Russians love Putin’s Tramp.

Following further revelations about Donald Trump, Jr. in the Times on Monday, collusion appears to be more reality reporting and less fake news. After the Times reported the first verified connection between the Trump camp and Russia — through Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskya, who has ties to both the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin — subsequent reporting by the Times and the Washington Post confirmed the existence of emails that expose Trump, Jr.’s expectations.

Not only did Donald Trump, Jr. eagerly agree to a meeting with a Russian national for the purpose of obtaining derogatory information on Hillary Clinton, he did so thinking it was the Russian government that wanted to help his father win the election. After months of denying collusion, Trump’s own son and White House advisor may have tipped the first domino.

Fifteen months ago, Donald Trump’s poll numbers lagged behind those of his opponents. In April of 2016, NBC news reported on the “collapse” of Trump’s poll numbers, citing at least six national approval polls. In every survey examined by NBC, Trump lagged behind Hillary Clinton and in some instances, the difference reached double digits.

It is no wonder that Trump, Jr. — or anyone in the Trump circle for that matter — was so eager to enlist assistance of any kind, or from any source. Trump’s numbers rebounded in late May 2016 as the presumptive republican candidate’s strategy turned to a negative focus on Hillary Clinton. Trump’s campaign rhetoric escalated and he began calling her “Crooked Hillary” around this time…just two weeks before Trump, Jr. agreed to meet with Russians who he believed had the dirt to prove the moniker.

On Monday, political analysts likened the Trump, Jr. revelations to a boulder rolling downhill. Just when Trump thought he could put the Russia collusion rumors to bed, whiny little junior woke them up. In light of the Times’ story, Trump himself wavered on Monday — rolling back his ill-conceived plan to form a cyber-security task force with Russia after he faced criticism upon returning from the G20-1 summit.

Already, reports have surfaced that the Senate Intelligence Committee would like to speak to Trump, Jr. and the Trump White House is working to deflect and spin the story of Russian meetings. On Monday, Trump’s favorite pirouetting princess, Kellyanne Conway, took to the morning show circuit to downplay the Russian meetings. Her strongest point was the argument that Trump, Jr. had not obtained any relevant information.

In other words, the Trump regime believes it is okay to plan to cheat the America public…and it is not really cheating if the plan falls apart. Today, as republicans race to cheat millions of Americans out of health care before the Trump administration collapses, maybe their plans will fall apart, too. Then they can look in their mirrors and not call themselves cheaters either.


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