The Sunday Dog: The Kid’s Table

Nineteen world leaders sit down at a table with Ivanka Trump…it sounds like the first line of a bad joke, but it is more serious and disturbing than any punch line. During the third session of the “G20-1” summit in Hamburg on Saturday, the world’s most powerful government leaders found themselves face-to-face with a Chinese shoe manufacturer and self-proclaimed fashion icon. While Donald Trump may be the least ranked member of the G20, and a novice politician himself, he none-the-less has an obligation to represent the United States and not send his daughter who tends “not to get involved in politics.”

Ivanka G202 07092017
Trump and his home health aid Ivanka pose with world leaders.

Photographs of Ivanka sitting in for her father quickly went viral and Donald Trump, Jr. (is that the Beavis or Butt-head one?) launched immediate Twitter attacks on those questioning why Ivanka was even at the table. It is yet another troubling chapter in the unfortunate unraveling Trump saga and the demise of the United States as the predominant democracy on earth.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s taunting comment earned biting retorts from many Twitter users.

There is nothing successful about Donald Trump’s performance at the G20 summit. He returns to a country more divided by his comments and verbal trashing of American values. Democratic leaders from Europe were left scratching their heads and wondering what the fate of the world might be. And Trump himself will revert to his morning Twitter tirades, campaign rallies, and meaningless executive orders — while a majority of the country clamors for his removal pursuant to Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.

Ivanka Trump assuming the chair of leadership in Hamburg has serious implications for the United States. To begin with, in the context of any incapacity, at the very least the White House owes America an explanation for Trump’s absence on Saturday — no matter how brief. Perhaps the pace of meetings, subject matter, and language barriers (all those foreigners speaking so many languages that Trump does not understand) proved too difficult and draining for Trump, which only bolsters the question of a Section 4 inquiry.

Beyond Trump’s enfeebled mind and age, Ivanka Trump’s title as “special assistant” demands a more precisely defined role before the U.S. faces another Alexander Haig incident with Ivanka, Donny, Jr., and some forgotten and illegitimate half-sibling speaking up to take charge.

Historically, executive appointees receive generous latitude even in instances when Congress or the public oppose or question them. From John Quincy Adams to John F. Kennedy, appointees — especially those who were family members — have always been a source of controversy in Washington, D.C. As a member of America’s new royal family, Ivanka is no exception to the rule.

Somewhere on Capitol Hill, someone needs to be asking the question, “Is Ivanka her father’s handler, his home-health aide, or an illicit surrogate supplanting another more qualified government representative?” It seems like when Trump said he would drain the swamp, all he did was make the White House and American government a family business.

A more important question is in her capacity as nebulous assistant, what laws, rules, and procedures is Ivanka bound by. Hypothetically speaking, if she had sat down with leaders and made some off-hand comment that an ally took as legitimate, what are the implications for the United States? Would the government be bound by Ivanka’s sweatshop opining? Her place at the table on Saturday presents a clear and present danger for an international incident.

These are serious procedural considerations and consequences that Donald Trump simply does not accept either as part of his responsibilities or the nation’s best interests. With such a poor demonstration of judgment, mental capacity, cognitive reasoning, and grasp of the duties of the office he usurped, there can be little question as to Trump’s fitness to serve.

Nepotism has long been a problematic concern in American politics and has sometimes resulted in scandal. The Trump family, however, has raised the issue to an unprecedented and dangerous level with family members substituting in and out of various roles.

During his career in real estate, Trump is reported to have exposed and exploited loopholes, which allowed him to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. Now, Trump has exposed other more serious gaps in our nations’ political structure. Exploiting the law and the people have allowed Trump to surround himself with unquestioning family members while evading Section 3110 of the 1967 Federal Anti-Nepotism Statute

Based on historical precedents and interpretations, by refusing to accept salaries, Trump’s children avoid nepotism conflicts and Section 3110. For anyone slightly confused by this, imagine wealthy landowners purchasing titles from a king. If you never thought it could, or would, happen in the United States — the land of the common people where everyone is supposedly equal without rank or title — think again. When Ivanka sat down at the table in Hamburg, she did so with her newly purchased American peerage.

Trump's Strategy 07092017
Trump’s ante-revolutionary strategy for America is delusional and dangerous.

In the United States, we elect our leaders and we watch reality television personalities. It is unfortunate that with the ascension of the Trump family regime, the two have somehow crossed. Even more disturbing is that nothing illegal may be afoot in Ivanka taking a place at the children’s table at the G20. However, there are plenty of perfectly legal things that are simply wrong — like Trump aligning himself with Putin, Duda, and the Saudi Royal Family instead of America’s traditional allies: the democratic leaders of the free world.

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