The Daily Dog: Comic Relief

We do not publish a Daily Dog on Saturdays. That means on Friday evening we do not watch the news, check Twitter, or discuss politics. There is no sacred reason for the Saturday reprieve except for one thing — our sanity.

In the past year, we have noticed something that professional therapists have been commenting on, too. Donald Trump stresses us out. The country is more than just divided, it has become awash in a chaotic frenzy of heightened passions and energies. The “Trump Effect” drives both the Resistance and the Red Hats, and it is driving us all mad.

Loco Trump 06292017
Don’t you know I’m loco?

If nothing else, Trump’s failures have propelled American politics to a place where it has not been for many decades — on everyone’s over-burdened and burnt-out minds. It is an unfortunate corollary that the effect has not been more positive like when President Barack Obama took office. There are days when we dread having to listen to Trump, think about Trump, and write about Trump. It is as taxing mentally as running a marathon is physically. It leaves us angry, frustrated, confrontational, and despondent.

The entire political process in Washington, D.C. has become so threatening, and dare we say, anti-American, that we end each evening wondering what world we will wake up to the next day. Our anxiety levels have skyrocketed and our worries for our families, our children, and our livelihoods and safety consume us. Trump is America’s ulcer and there are not enough Rolaids to spell R-E-L-I-E-F.

For those of us speaking out — severely critical of Trump and meting out our frustrations in well-earned and much-deserved First Amendment jeremiads — there is an ever-growing concern of retaliation. Two months ago, Trump began blocking Twitter users who mocked and derided his lack of ability, policy, and presidential qualities. Some of us wonder what nefarious modern-day SS is tracing IP addresses. Reporters have been assaulted and loyalist minority Red Hats troll Twitter just waiting to pounce on those who speak for the majority.

A day off is good for our health, for our minds, and our creativity.

Not all is bleak in America, however. Trump has provided us with moments of levity — like a late night cup of #covfefe or watching him address Cuban-Americans in “Leetle Hahvahnah!” Let us not forget that late night television has not been so entertaining in…well, eight years. Thank Trump for the comedic injection that has given writers so much fodder to work with. Finally, where would America be without Trump’s model for Alec Baldwin’s true-to-life portrayal of the bumbling and ignorant staple on Saturday Night Live?

Trump has really done what he promised when he began chanting, “MAGA! MAGA!” at a campaign rally eighteen months ago. We have Made America Gauche Again and when the world laughs, we should all laugh with it. Trump has made planet earth a happier place, full of hidden giggles, snarky comments, and much needed comic relief. If laughter is the best medicine, Americans will soon be the healthiest people on the planet. Mitch McConnell may as well can the republican health scare bill.



From all of the chaos and misery, diamonds in the rough emerge from the oddest places. One such gem that had us decompressing and rolling with laughter was today’s message to Trump from former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Fox has elevated the art of political comedy to a mucho más alto level, and he has toyed with Trump on a regular basis. He is a true toreador when it comes to taunting America’s bullshitter in chief.

A day off from the crazy train is time to relax and return to our humanity. It is what gives us the courage to admit that in the end, it is taxing to always be so hard on Trump. Because, when the world has you down, who really doesn’t love a clown?

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