The Daily Dog: Lost Balls and Missing Marbles

In a surprise bit of tweetless pugilistic pressuring, Donald Trump threw down his child-sized gloves Monday and raised his tiny hands to errant republicans. While still blaming President Obama and “obstructionist” democrats for America’s current comprehensive and affordable healthcare crisis, Trump decided to level additional threats at his own party members.

America’s septuagenarian dictator went on an early offensive for Thursday’s proposed vote on TrumpCare v2.0. The chair of the Freedom Caucus, Representative Mark Meadows (R – N.C.) is expected to be one of the strongest republicans opponents to the proposed legislation. According to sources who attended a meeting between Trump and Meadows on Monday, Trump threatened Meadows, telling him, “I am going to come after you.”

Following the session with Trump, Meadows seemed rather nonchalant in response to Trump’s bloviating. He vowed to maintain his ‘no’ vote to the end. Who can blame him for ignoring a threat from the man with tapes who had no tapes?

This is just another episode in the early stages of the Trump administration that demonstrates Trump’s impotent blowhard leadership and the equally flaccid condition of the United States Congress. Already, this country has witnessed higher ranked representatives than Meadows bend to the will of Blessed Leader’s infantile demands that have most observers wondering if Trump is missing a few marbles.

#Covfefe 06062017
Trump clarifying that he is not bigly crazy…only a littly nuts.

Meadows’ may indeed have a strong will and good intentions, but only this week’s vote and the pressure of Herr Trumpler’s continued harassment will show whether he can resist the comical castration of America’s political body. America is praying that he is not a golfer or that he will refuse Trump’s customary bribe-like invitation to Mar-A-Lago, where other republicans — like Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) — typically lose their balls.

What America needs right now, in defense of Trump, is a hero charging up Capitol Hill to lead the country back to democracy and government “of the people by the people for the people.” Trump’s megalomaniacal ideations and bullish fascism too closely parallel those of a dictator on his way to wreaking havoc on the nation. The Trump regime’s threats to Meadows and its hostile campaign against another holdout, Sen. Dean Heller (R – Nev.), or any other republicans trying to exercise their conscience seem like precursory warnings that echo early Nazi-era history.

In Hitler’s rapid rise to power, he too, threatened adversaries and dissolved rival political parties before eventually outlawing and imprisoning the opposition and dissolving the Reichstag — clearing the way for greater humanitarian and civil evils. Trump’s thirst for power, blind adoration, and his desire to obliterate any Obama-influenced act mimic the dysfunctional mental state that consumed Hitler and Germany.

Trump’s quest to “Make America Great Again” began as a dangerous proposition for anyone who is not white, right, and rich. With his threat against Meadows — a former restauranteur with a net worth in the single-digit millions — Trump has made it clear that anyone who opposes him is at risk of retaliation. As the circle of exclusion widens, Trump emulates more and more, a paranoid dictator who will stop at nothing to destroy decades of American progress.

The mystery facing America is what form will our hero assume for this latest battle for the nation’s soul? James Comey is already a distant memory. Mark Meadows seems resolute, but Trump relies on a tremendous amount of special interest money to leverage his threats and already has launched smear ads against Heller. As evidenced by the last televised cabinet meeting, Trump will stoop as low as he needs to in order to create an atmosphere of totalitarian subservience to himself. In Trump’s mind and politics, Trump always comes before country.

Wonder Woman 06272017
Could Wonder Woman’s golden lasso make Trump tell the truth?

It is time to summon a new hero with our desperate pleas to save the nation. Where greater defenders have gone and come away from a round of golf without a ball to show for it, the country needs a superhero of a different kind. We need our hero to zoom in on an invisible jet with a golden truth-inducing lasso. We need Wonder Woman…and we almost had her. It’s too bad the popular vote wasn’t enough to satisfy democracy.

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