The Daily Dog: America’s Last Stand?

Kim Jong-un may not be able to reach U.S. shores with a missile yet, but on Monday, the North Korean dictator’s influence was on full display at the White House. In what appeared to be a broadcast originating from Pyongyang, American viewers were treated to a televised Loyalty Session with the Supreme Leader of the once free world.

Meal Worms 06132017
Cabinet members grubbing for Great Leader’s reward.

Never in the modern era of government has there been such a sickeningly blatant display of propagandized adoration from the White House. While Despot Donny got his ego stroked by members of his cabinet, America’s democracy continued on its spiraled decent into oblivion. Across Washington, D.C., the spineless leadership that now represents a minority base seems increasingly unable to control the Orange Monster whom they now bow to without shame.

Where is America’s savior? This is the point in the country’s history that demands more than fantasized expectations of a return to normalcy. The founding fathers and every American since have spent over 200 years growing a nation, seeking equality, and striving to be a worldwide example of democratic values. In 1/400th of that time — six short months — the Supreme Swindler has brought the country to a point very close to no return.

We cannot expect Ulysses S. Grant to charge in on his steed to beat back Trumpolini’s confederacy. There is no Teddy Roosevelt to make a stand against the Fifth Avenue Fraud. America has no heroes arriving, like J.F.K. on the bow of a P.T. boat, at the White House’s door. Not even Ronald Reagan riding up on El Alamein can rescue the Republican Party or the country from the Petulant Philanderer.

History has taught the world that there are no single heroes that remove the threats and defeat despots, dictators, and madmen. It is a collective effort of patriots, of men and women of every walk, who have the power to stand up to abusive authority. This idea appears to evade the sniveling and groveling slaves of the Great Destructor.

While we do not like to initiate or advance conspiracy theories, at some point the people must wonder, “What is the end game? What has Beloved Blessor promised his inner circle to encourage their feckless fealty?” Though we may not agree with the personal opinions and politics of The Sycopathetic Cabinet members, collectively speaking, they are an accomplished group — with personal net worth values ranging from $10 million to $3 billion.

Is the reward of serving and supplicating before Herr Trumpler worth more than personal pride? Why would accomplished and secure business leaders entertain the subservient and self-deprecating behaviors demanded by Demagogue Don, if not for some greater personal benefit?

Something nefarious is afoot, and it is more than the cheap plastic hairpiece of a crown atop King Clown’s head. Our nation’s struggle is no longer a mere popularity contest for the best Apprentice President, is it a matter of survival.

Liberty 06132017
Is the sun setting on Lady Liberty’s vision of democracy?

If America’s leaders and citizens do not find the backbone to tell Putini the one word he needs to hear, the country’s long-standing history as a beacon of freedom, equality, and democratic institutions will cease to exist — our history will fade and become meaningless. We must unite our voices, not for party, person, or politics, but for the future. We must look the Bully Beast in the eyes and shout, “NO!”

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