15 Minutes…

Following an abysmal performance at the NATO and G7 summits last week, President Trump is struggling to find a foothold to boost his slipping support and approval ratings. In the wake of Trump’s self-proclaimed and self-gratifying “great success” during his inaugural European vacation, other western leaders offered sharper assessments of Trump’s so-called accomplishments.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel earned a special place in Trump’s daily Twitter tirade on Monday after she expressed her negative impressions left by Trump. Germany is in the middle of an election cycle and newspapers quickly jumped on Merkel’s words. Sueddeutsche Zeitung, one of the country’s largest daily newspapers said her comments on Sunday revealed, “Merkel no longer regards the USA as reliable.”

Trump’s own body language during his visit and the eerie lack of enthusiasm by European leaders after his departure seem to reinforce Merkel’s resolute and honest statements. In a matter of days, Trump managed to erode nearly a century of foreign relations leaving as big a mess in Europe as the one he returned to at home. Yet he still does not understand why he is the subject of intense criticism.

Is he daft? His performance at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day would seem to indicate some degree of cerebral dysfunction. However, looking back at Trump’s on-again off-again presence in the media presents a far-different picture than merely a medical condition.

From soup to nuts…it’s in the can!

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a flash-in-the-pan personality. In the past few decades, he has faded in and out of the public eye, hopping from one 15-minute spotlight to another. He is the original Kim Kardashian of New York City mogul reality.

Unfortunately for the United States, media whore Trump is stalled somewhere among the Reagan-era excesses of the 1980s, the Howard Stern heydays of the 1990s, and “The Apprentice” highlights of the 2000s. The dark spaces in between the highs in Trump’s public jaunts are riddled with lawsuits, bankruptcies, tax audits, and failed relationships — with women and Trump University students. None-the-less, Trump’s eternal goal seems to be a desperate attempt to sustain an eternal “American Idol” image. He wants only to be sought after and worshiped, but eschews any semblance of responsibility for how he earns a starring role.

Clearly, his body and mind can no longer support his own egotistical urge for hollow publicity and adoration. Trump is like “Sunset Boulevard’s” Norma Desmond grasping for the light of just one more blockbuster performance. He has not learned that light cannot be held or captured. Trump’s futile pursuit will eventually land him in the same fame-starved delirium suffered by Desmond in the final scene — beyond the realm of any reality.

Every day, Trump promotes his own tragic demise. To use one of the president’s favorite standbys, it is a “SAD” reality that a man with what he has is so terribly unhappy, dissatisfied, lost, and needy. It is a tragedy for America that to fulfill the emptiness of his existential crises, he is dragging the nation down with him in a last ditch effort to be relevant.

Trump will be remembered, but not likely in the way that he was hoping. When the credits finally roll on his presidency and career, he will end up in a dusty library, nestled somewhere next to Nixon. The caption beneath his presidential portrait will read simply, “The 15-Minute President.”

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