The Lamb to Slaughter

As President Trump gallivants around the mid-east this week, enjoying the pomp and circumstance that is sure to boost his aggrieved ego, Americans at home are reminded that this president acts not for any people, but solely for himself. This is a harsh condemnation of Trump, his actions, and values, but one that he has earned individually though his cowardly address to the Saudis and other attendees of his “Muslim World Tour 2017.”

Trump Saudi 05222017
Trump appears lost after selling his soul. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

It should be no surprise to anyone that Trump, caught in the black hole of investigations and allegations at home, is surrounding himself in the gilded palaces of perhaps the most lavish nation on the planet. As one MSNBC commentator observed, Trump is in a place where “he doesn’t have to hear all the yapping voices back in the U.S.”


Instead of having the courage to speak out about the human rights violations and mistreatment of women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Trump — for once — refrained from wagging his golden tongue or Tweeting some precious jewel. His silence is a stark prediction of America’s dark path for the next forty-four months.

The administration has already made its stance at home evident by rolling back progressive reform-oriented policies. From the beginning of his campaign for the executive office, Trump’s team has been a wrecking ball of racially inflammatory misogynistic anger and divisiveness.

In a May column in the New York Times, Sen. John McCain wrote, “America didn’t invent human rights. They inhabit the human heart, and from there, though they may be abridged, they can never be extinguished. We are a country with a conscience. We have long believed moral concerns must be an essential part of our foreign policy, not a departure from it.”

Not only did President Trump not mention human rights during his speech to Saudi leaders, the wrecking ball swung heavier and deadlier with a multi-billion dollar arms deal. Instead of exercising the American conscience, Trump threw morality and reason out the window. Too often in the past weapons intended for positive purposes alternatively have been used to wreak havoc and destruction. Trump lacks the bare courage to speak to the Saudis’ abysmal record on human rights. Does he think he will be able to control how they use their new weapons at home or abroad?

As Trump unenthusiastically and dispassionately admonished Muslim countries to drive out the terrorists from their lands, extremists everywhere likely watched and plotted. From urban palaces to mountain caves, the oppressed and angry minorities who have turned to terrorism instead of peaceful means heard a declaration of war fueled by Trump’s deal making.

Amnesty International was quick to comment on the $110-billion contract, saying that the “brazen disregard for human rights and humanitarian law will only serve to further embolden states in the Gulf and around the globe in their pursuit of ‘security’ at the expense of people’s basic rights.”

Lamb02 05222017
I did a bigly deal!

While the Trump Circus continues its foreign tour, America remains in a state of disarray. Thanks to Trump’s deal making, it is also in a place of greater peril today. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were of Saudi origin and flip-flop Don has claimed Saudi Arabia was behind the attack. As with all things Trump, however, the man who claims to be a lion turned out to be more of a lamb in a Muslim feast.

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