The digital domain is a noisy dog pound of web and social media content…a lot of meaningless yips and yaps. Amid the chaos, one dog always stands out among the others. It’s not the loudest, cutest, or cleanest, but it’s the one whose bark resonates with experience and authority.

We are the hounds who have been around the block. We are creative thinkers and problem solvers who are used to working on a budget. We are scrappy, tough, innovative, and loyal. We know there’s a steak in the dumpster around the corner and we know how to make it look good!

When you need stylish and reliable web and social media content developed on time, don’t call on a soft-pawed puppy that’s afraid to tug on the leash. Rely on the pack leaders and trust the creativity of the Big Dogs at Idea Dogs Media.


Develop fun, innovative, and functional social media.

We specialize in small market social media. Why pay global domination rates when you only need to reach the neighborhood? Our social media feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are designed around your needs with:

  • Daily posts that are creative and unique
  • Relevant images
  • Appropriate links
  • Targeted growth

Many small business owners and independent entrepreneurs don’t realize how much time goes into social media management. Before it gets to be tedious, call on the Dogs to put the fun back in your feed!

Create custom web content that is both thoughtful and original.

The Dogs believe that a bark can be worse than a bite! We give our words teeth and use language effectively and powerfully. The Dogs will:

  • Create concise memorable content
  • Dig up innovative concepts
  • Mark your territory with SEO-optimized content
  • Run down details and research

Don’t go chasing your tail trying to be a writer, marketer, and creative genius when there are important aspects of your business that need attention.

Make social media management and content service affordable.

With no long-term contracts and pay-as-you-go plans, the Dogs can be a small business owner’s best friends. Social media management, content, and weekly blogs don’t have to leave you bankrupt. We select our clients carefully to ensure a good fit with schedules, products, and financial goals. Send us an email for details about:

  • Low-cost weekly packages
  • Per piece rates
  • Regular blogs and content updates

In most cases, we will begin managing two social media accounts and writing a bi-weekly blog for just $100 per week.


When you’ve reached the end of your leash and don’t know where to turn, contact Idea Dogs. We can help you succeed by:

  • Boosting concepts and ideas with fresh creativity
  • Polishing and editing blogs, web-pages, and publications
  • Tackling communication and infotainment language projects

We are selective and we write and manage in-house. Your content is too important to farm out so we limit our clients and product lines to reduce conflicts. We currently write and manage for small businesses from wineries to bakeries, and law offices to social causes. Think your business is a fit for the Dogs? Feel free to contact us today. We’ll throw you a bone!