The web is a noisy dog pound of content — a cacophony of meaningless yips and yaps.

In the chaos of the pound, you always hear one dog above the others. It’s not the loudest, cutest, or cleanest, but it’s the dog whose baritone bark stands out. Sometimes it’s the oldest, mangiest, most misbehaved mutt in the pound who wins you over.

At Idea Dogs, we are the mutts in the pound.


We are not ultra-stylish Labradoodles, Pugeranians, or Chihuaweilers who need to be shown off.

We are the hounds who have been around the block. We are scrappy, tough, innovative, and loyal. We are not afraid to get a little dirty, because we might not have had a bath in months. And we don’t care if there’s food in the dish, because we know there’s a steak in the dumpster at the diner around the corner.

When you need content developed with style, reliability, and on time, don’t call on a soft-pawed puppy that’s afraid to tug on the leash. Rely on the leaders of the pack. Trust the creativity of the Big Dogs at Idea Dogs Media.

Wondering what the Dogs are thinking? Check out our blogs.


The Dogs survive on ideas and creativity. There are no bites worse than our barks. We give our words teeth and use language effectively and powerfully. The Dogs can:

  • Create memorable content
  • Dig up innovative business solutions
  • Write impactful blogs
  • Mark your territory with SEOptimized web pages
  • Develop creative concepts
  • Chase down research

Whether you need opinionated and politicized articles, legal analysis with a slant, fact-based reports and research, or a feature length screenplay, our Dogs will be your best friends.


When you’ve reached the end of your leash and don’t know where to turn, contact Idea Dogs. We can help you succeed by:

  • Boosting concepts and ideas with fresh creativity
  • Polishing and editing blogs, web-pages, and publications
  • Adding provocative SEO-oriented content
  • Tackling communication and infotainment language projects

Stop chasing your tail and let the Dogs put their winning spin on your content needs.